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Feeling Stuck Getting Online?

Before I started my online business I was hustling...

Starting work in my gym at 4am, rolling into bed at 11pm...

I kept hoping something would change, but reality slapped me on the upside day in and day out.

Finally I invested in automating my expertise so I could get paid on autopilot. 

This freed me up to focus on higher level 'CEO' tasks instead of daily operations.

I can't wait to share the exact step-by-step process I used to build several 6 and 7 figure online empires.

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I'm here to serve you to the best of my abilities. Check out this short video about the system Anna and I used to get online...The Visionary PlannerĀ®!


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Hey there!

Ever feel like you are the only one struggling in your career or business because so many others have it all figured out, especially business coaches like me?

Can I let you in on the reality of it? In 2009 I was $105,000 in debt, lost my house, lost my girl because I was “broke as a joke.” Her words, not mine.

Feel better?

I was a gym owner barely paying himself, like most gym owners. Most of the money was going into my brick and mortar business to keep the doors open and staff happy.

I had a big mission; to help reverse the trend of obesity. But, it wasn’t enough because I also wanted a life.

Owning a brick and mortar business left me with no time,working 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week.

I knew the current way I was living; I would not be a connected and present spouse or papa. .

That hard truth for my life led me to making a change...

I decided I needed to change my business to change my life.

I wanted more freedom vs. working myself to death, to one day hopefully retire. I wanted to make an impact and leave a legacy, but I also wanted…

...time freedom to be a present spouse and dad, see the world, and create my own schedule. freedom so my family and I didn’t have to stress about money and we could enjoy life more.
...location freedom so we could work and live anywhere we wanted to in the world.
...people freedom so we could work with people we love.
...purpose freedom so we could feel we were contributing at our highest level.

The ‘5 Freedoms’ became my philosophy for how I make decisions in life. That’s when I heard about this “online thang” and network marketing as the ways to make money on autopilot, get more time freedom (since online businesses and network marketing both offer recurring passive income) and create a large impact without burning out.

I went all in. I invested all of my focus (still do) on figuring out how to design, build and launch online businesses and personal brands so I could live the 5 Freedoms.

I studied everything I could about marketing, business, high performance (got certified), digital marketing (got certified), branding, and more... I could end my business struggles and then turn around and help others do the same.

Since 2010 after being “broke as a joke”, I’ve built five 6-figure online brands (coming up on 6 now), a 7-figure network marketing business, taught my wife, Anna, how to build her own 6-figure brand and network marketing business, so we could both have online businesses and design our lives together while working from home as parentpreneurs.

Now, as visionary entrepreneurs, we’ve bought our dream home in Temecula, CA and planted a vineyard where we host business retreats, and wait for our vineyard to produce grapes so we can enter the wine industry.

It’s become our mission and vision to coach and mentor others who are struggling in their business and career. We want to help you escape the “trading dollars for hours” life, and build your own “freedom lifestyle”. That might include online courses, coaching programs, network marketing business,, or personal brand development so you can take your energy, passion, and knowledge to create a successful business.

We’d love to help you work from home or anywhere you choose to be in the world, so you can monetize your message, and leave the legacy you desire.

Oh, and get paid well to do it!

This site is dedicated to making it easy for you to find the information, tools and strategies you need to grow your business, brand and lifestyle more easily and effectively.

My wife and I are here to share our discoveries and coaching with you, so you (and your family) can experience all the joy and adventure of living with more freedom!

If you want to build an online business click here.
If you want to build a personal brand click here.
If you want to build a network marketing business click here.
If you don’t know what you need, click here.

Our Visionary Planner System is a step by step coaching program for building an online business and personal brand..

Our Beachbody team, The Hard Chargers United, is how we show you how to build an at home business helping cure the health, fitness and financial crises so you can earn passive income and grow a professional network marketing business.

Our Vision In the Vineyards Experience is for the expert who is ready to build a personal brand, online courses, and business in 2.5 days!

If that sounds solid to you, then choose the path that's right for you and grab your FREE copy of one of the trainings I've created.

And if you’re that hard charger that knows you are good, and is ready to get after unleashing your vision and personal brand, then apply for a free strategy call with me for a custom plan to get started.


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You deserve to do what you love...hang out with your mentors (I'm here with Brendon Burchard), choose your own hours and work from anywhere (just make sure your laptop is charged!)


An automated business funds the lifestyle you desire.  This lets you network with top influencers who further help you grow your online Brand and revenue.  Imagine how that will transform your life!


When you automate your expertise into online courses, masterminds and group coaching programs you'll be able to 10x how you help your tribe, and chip in on making this world a better place. 

"Hello Visionaries! I just wanted to say how thankful I am for this course and group! Thank you!"

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"I really enjoyed how you broke down these blocks and made it simple to understand. Thank you!!"

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"If you have a dream, goal or something burning inside of you and you are stuck, trust Vito and his team!"

Jenny Grass D'Agostino

Did You Get Your FREE Start Up Kit?

Step-by-Step Strategy To Create Your6+ Figure Online Influencer Business

  • How to Get Started Online (Pick your Audience, Niche and Messaging)
  • How To Build & Launch Offers (Memberships, Courses & Events)
  • How To Scale (Marketing, Content & Ads)

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