9 Ways to Grow Your Business And Put More Money In Your Pocket

Would you like to see more money in your pocket? What about a business that has more raving fans and people getting the results you promise?

Yes, right?

Well, then sit back and enjoy this month’s podcast with my guest Scott Rawcliffe, because it all started with a conversation, a little too much wine (is there such a thing?), and some winery experiences that turned into 9 money-making lessons for you.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Why NEWBIES MATTER [0:02:16]
  • When you should BREAK THE RULES [0:10:29]
  • How to FIND A REASON TO COMMUNICATE a.k.a. sell [0:11:29]
  • Why you need to KNOW YOUR VIP CLIENTS [0:13:27]
  • How BEING THE PERSONALITY can save your lack of knowledge [0:17:07]
  • How to EXTEND YOUR OFFER TO GUESTS [0:20:10]
  • Sales Vs PASSION & CONVICTION [0:25:08]
  • Why you need to KEEP IT SIMPLE when it comes to your offers [0:28:43]


OK, let’s jump in.

Social media guru, Scott Rawcliffe, and I have been friends for awhile now. And on this trip I finally turned him into a wine fan. It’s all about the quality afterall. Some people think they don’t like wine because they’ve had crap wine in their life. Then they get exposed to good wine and discover a whole new world.

When Scott and his girlfriend visited Anna and I recently, we invited them to go to some of our favorite wineries with us.  You can’t come to Temecula and skip the wineries.

Scott and Kristy didn’t have much expectations going in because three years back, they went to a winery in Australia looking for a good experience. Instead, they left with a bad taste in their mouth (not wine.. they didn’t drink any).  

They told the pourer that they liked red.  When he asked what kind, they said they didn’t know.  He looked at them like they were idiots, made them feel small, so they left.   

Since then, they’ve barely drank wine, and then poof, they visit me and buy 12 bottles of wine.  


It got us talking about marketing and business (shocking, I know), and so here’s a recap of our musings for your benefit.  



Imagine someone walks into a gym.  They are greeted by the staff and then looked down upon during their entire visit.

Will they go back?  Heck no!

They were expecting help, and they got jack crap.  

Things that come naturally to you probably didn’t always feel that way.  I always think about Mark Fisher from Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC.  The reason he thrives is because he created a community where everyone fits in, even the newbies.

We get so wrapped up in the life that we live, that we forget what it’s like to be a newbie. To be brand new to an experience

Think about the last time you went somewhere completely out of your comfort zone.  

What made the difference? Was it how welcome you were made to feel? Was it that someone took the time to educate you?

In business we always have to remember that just one bad experience can taint someone from ever coming back.

You might be thinking that this doesn’t pertain to you because you serve your clients.

But, what about the people who could be your clients?

Someone sees your ad or hears about you and doesn’t even think to join.  


Because of their experience in someone else’s gym.    

The newbie market is the largest market. I forget the stat, but it’s like 80% of people don’t have a gym membership.

You’re actually dealing a lot with the newbie market.  You should think about them.

Think about what you can do to help create a better member first experience.

Or even better think about what you can do to share content, that helps educate a newbie who’s had a bad experience at another gym why you are different or better so you can attract more of your ideal client.

I gotta tell you about Travis at Danza Del Sol, one of my favorite wineries.

Travis knows his stuff, and he knows how to serve good clients.

When you go to a winery tasting they’ll usually give you like a little card that tracks the fact that you’re supposed to get four, five or six tastings for your visit. Just depending upon the vineyard. And, most places, they’ll cross off, “Ya had a tasting. Ya had a tasting. Ya had a tasting.”

I introduced Scott and his girlfriend to Travis, and I’m like, “They’re new to here.” And he’s just like, “Okay. Don’t worry. Member cards go away. And … I’m gonna take you on a ride.”

He just started asking ’em some questions. Any time you can ask more questions, you can cater the experience to the person in front of you better. And he just took ’em on a ride and I just kinda sat back.

And so, the end result was, Scott walked out with four bottles of wine, instead of one. Or none.

What did Travis do that you can learn from:

  1. Asked questions.
  2. Made things fun.
  3. Shared with passion.
  4. Educated.
  5. Entertained.

Because of those 5 things there was a greater chance of Scott being like, “Wow. That was good and that was good and that was good. All right. I’ll take them all.”

In the fitness industry, we try to push the person to something that we want them to take. Typically because we only have so many options and we don’t train the sales experience in most businesses.

You know better now.

Ask questions, figure out what they want, and sell them on what they want, not what you think they need



As business owners, somewhere someone told you there were rules. There are some you should consider, there are some you should break, and those you create yourself.  

One of the rules you should break is…everyone deserves the same experience.

Not true. 

Of course everyone deserve respect, care, quick service, politeness, etc.

But your VIP clients should be made to feel like “membership has its privileges.”

Make your VIP customers feel like VIP customers.

This is exactly why I shop at Hugo Boss and Boggi Milano.  Yeah, I’m spending more, but I feel VIP there.  I know that they are going to give me the very best experience.  I’m not going to leave wishing I went somewhere else.

Travis did this too.  It wasn’t Memorial Day, but he wanted to make the sale.  He offered me the Memorial Day discount.  

He took my few bottles that I was buying and added about 2 or 3 more to that because he knew when to break the rules.  

Take a note from that- you have to know who your VIP customers are.  Break the rules for the right people.



Another winery we went to honored VIPs in a different (and REALLY EASY way).  

Smart marketing is always finding a reason to communicate with your people so you can make an offer. 

Easiest way?  Get their birthday data and send an offer that day or month. 

I’m a member at a bunch of wineries.  ONE sent me a birthday deal… ONE!

You can bet your ass that we went to that winery for my 50% off.   

You gotta think about that for your brand and your marketing. 

But, when you do it, don’t put in any weird stipulations.  

Getting people in the door is getting them in the door. Your mission is that once they are there get them to spend on something that matters to them. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t put a time stamp on certain things, but if you’re trying to wow your VIP customers, wow them, and get them in the door.

Plus, if you wow them, they’re going to talk about you.  Other people will know that you got that offer.  They want it too.

Always look to find a way to put yourself in a conversation that people are having about your business.



If this winery was smart, and they weren’t, they would have known that I don’t skimp on what I buy when it comes to things I enjoy.  I bring people there.  I frequent there often. 

If they looked at what I bought there, they would’ve known that.

They didn’t though. 

I settled on one of the wines I wanted. I went to the library menu, which is little bit more of the expensive exclusive side. And. She goes, “Oh. But the discount is only on wines on this side of the menu.” And I’m like, “Whadda you mean?” And she kinda just like, “The small print here. It’s only for the regular release.”

I call BS, not on her, but on her bosses.

The convo went like this:

Me: Why are you putting a barrier in the way of the sale? I’m a VIP member. I spend a lot of money here. I frequent this place. I bring guests here. You. As the salesperson, you need to be empowered to know when again to make the exceptions.

Saleswoman: I would. But they have bureaucracy in place.

Me:  Come on. This isn’t that big enough of a frickin’ place that, whoever that is. You need to go back to your director or whoever owns this place and say, ‘You know what? We need to be empowered to make good selling decisions like that.

I ended up getting a cheaper bottle of wine at 50% off.  They didn’t think about the later sale.  If I would’ve bought the more expensive one at 50% off and liked it, chances are that I would have bought it again.  Now, I didn’t get the chance to taste it, and they lost the more expensive sale.

Treat your VIP’s differently. 

Make sure you’re reaching out to them and sending direct mail or emails for birthdays and occasions. Because, part of marketing is always looking for a reason to communicate. 

A birthday is a reason to communicate and create a conversation and give ’em a bonus to come in. ‘Cause if they come in, they’re gonna usually spend more. But something else. You can engineer that sale.

But if you’re not looking for those opportunities, you’re just missing all the little moments of the year that you can be increasing your revenue by just being thoughtful about what you throw into your marketing. But make it easy for people.

My wife “loves” how I never miss an opportunity to share business and marketing lessons to any business I want to see do well. I want to see you do well. 



A lot of the memberships I have, I go to those because there’s a personality at each one. 

Travis at Danza del Sol. 

Art and Michael at Vindemia. 

Sabina at Robert Renzoni. 

Howard at Gershon Bachus. 

We know the best pourers. We’ve built a relationship and rapport with these people which adds to the experience. Which is obviously valuable for your business.

You should always be looking out for the superstars in your business that create an experience by simply being who they are- great personalities.

Figure out what you can do with them.

Personality is sometimes more important than just, “Let me educate you with everything I know and try to show you how smart I am.” That can hinder a sale as well. 

Just tonight, my team was on a call with Joel Freeman, creator of Core de Force and LIIFT4.  He hit the nail on the head when he said, “You don’t need to know the science.  Trust the trainer.”  

Your clients could care less about the science as long as they are getting results.  They trust you, or else they wouldn’t come.  You don’t need to prove your worth by telling them how smart you are.  Instead, let your programs speak for themselves. And unleash you as the superstar.



A lot of times we put out an offer to have a free guest.  What you do with that guest is what matters though.

What way can you extend the discount, the offer, the special, the whatever you have, to that person to just add that one more awesome experience? 

Someone brings in a guest because they love their own experience.  They’re passionate about it.  No one brings a guest to something they dislike.  

In the wineries that I belong to, Scott got a discount.  He wasn’t worried about disliking the wine.  If he did, no big deal.  He got good service and spent time with friends.  It got him in the door.

Most people are doing a free pass. But sometimes they go to add on that guest fee of 20 bucks or whatnot. I’m like, “Wave that crap.” Just let the person have the experience. 

And tell them, “You know what? We actually have a special, because you’re here for the first time.”

If you’re doing a good job, your member’s gonna bring more people in. That guest might become a member and then they bring more people in.  It’s a compound effect of good service.  

If you know your lifetime value, you don’t care about the first months sale.

Say your membership is one hundred bucks a month.  That’s 1200 bucks a year. Do you care that you gave them a 30% discount on month one or 50% discount on month one? If you do, you don’t yet understand your business and sales.

Even if you gave them the first month for nothing, the long term benefits are worth it.

The only reason you wouldn’t do this is because you’re scared you can’t keep clients for a long time, so you take money when you can.

My buddy Travis Barnes, owner of Journey 333, has a lifetimes value well into 36 months. Yes, his people stay for 3+years. That’s why he can spend a lot to get a client and can be aggressive in his first time client offers. He knows once they’re in, he’s got a long pay day on the backside because they are good at what they do. 



Are you fired up about what you sell?

You should be.

I don’t sell wine, but I’m freakin passionate about it.

Scott’s girlfriend Kristi only tried wines because she was enamored by my passion for wine.  

Is passion on your business checklist? It should be.

If you want more revenue and more sales and growth of your business then passion is an undeniable sales force. 

This week do a passion, energy and conviction audit. Look to see that those things are showing up in you, your team, your staff, your people. Because those things sell more than any marketing bullet point.

The best program on the earth is not gonna help people as much as the best coach on the earth. Like the person that just cares. 

Anna gets noticed in weird places like the airport parking shuttle, because she’s constantly putting video out that exudes passion and care. 

Where do you need to do the same?



You gotta look at your sales process and be like, “Am I making it simple? Am I making it step by step? Am I making it easy for people to get it?” 

The minute you confuse them or you convolute ’em, you’re gonna lose the sale. Just because you didn’t think about, “Am I making it simple?”

Most fit pros, trainers, and studio owners, are trying to sell stuff and think, 

“Okay. We have 30 minute session. We have 45 minute sessions. We have hour long sessions. We have small group. We have medium group. We have large group. We have one on one. We have over 50s.”

That’s a jumbled mess versus keeping it simple.

You think by giving people options, you’re making it easier.  You’re not.

People want simple. 

I’m not saying to offer just one thing but trying to reach everyone means you are reaching absolutely no one.

It’s not about the modality. 

It’s about the end result.

Check out my 7 Day Clear Vision Planner for help with this.



While out at the wineries, we met a woman who worked for DC Comics.  

It was a reminder that, we’re all going through the same things in business.

DC Comics is going through their own evolution as they try and figure out how to shift to the digital world from what was once a pure comic book in hand industry.

That’s changing. The younger generations want more online. 

DC Comics is trying to figure out how to do that, while still giving the older generation what they valued about the comic book experience. 

You have to look at the disruptive patterns of what’s going on and look to the horizon for your business. 

Look out to three years. Look to five years out. And ask yourself, “Is what I’m producing now going to be relevant in five years?”

If it’s not and you’re not starting to create the new skills, the new competencies, the new outputs and the new ways of doing business in the future- you won’t be relevant in five years.

It’s something I’ve been talking about for years. You got to start looking at creating a hybrid business, where you have online and offline services. You gotta evolve. 

If you’re not evolutionary, you’re extinct in the next five.

You might think that being small is a disadvantage.  It’s not.  You’re nimble.  You can make changes in a hurry.

You can change on a dime.

You can shift everything or you can shift a large percentage of your stuff online if you want to. Whereas it’s gonna take a company like Disney a fair bit of time to shift there because they have to do so many changes. 

So. I think sometimes, we see that as a negative, but it really is a positive too if you make aggressive moves. 

Want to simplify what you have, but still grow?

Create different experiences – a slow and steady way, a fast track, a cliff notes course.  

Give a minimum dose of effectiveness to get the desired end result. That’s it. 

The consumer is dealing with overwhelm, information overload, and their own inability to differentiate between busyness and life, the real life work that they’re trying to do. 

Busy is always gonna be there. We can’t keep using that as an excuse.

Anyway my friends. I hope you enjoyed this special Fitnesspreneur’s Life and Rise of the Visionary podcast.

Want to find Scott?  He’s a social media master.  You should follow him if you’re trying to get online (which you should be).  Just go to Scott Rawcliffe on Facebook or Instagram. He has tons of resources so when people actually hit him up and ask, they get ’em.

Looking to grow your brand and follow up on the things you read here?  Check out our Online Business Fast Track program and get into the online business game in 5 short weeks.




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