Being a Visionary Can Feel Lonely, Are You Surrounded By Those Who Raise You Up?

They say is takes a village to raise a baby…

I can attest to that as Lucca takes 4 hands, 2 people, and anyone willing to come into the zone to help us out 🙂

Babies take a lot of work, nurturing from family and friends, often your community pitches in, and at times I have rallied people we work with! After-all, they are part of the tribe right?! It should be our duty LOL!

The thing is this…your Brand and the Vision to serve others with your message and offers is just like a baby it needs a lot of nurturing and it needs to come from different sources.

So this week we propose you take an audit of the people that are around you. Think about what people raise you up, where are you getting the support you need.

Are you hanging out with too many civilians? People who are not entrepreneurs and visionaries and they are distracting you from the mission at hand? Be vigilant at this time of year. Lots of people coming in and out, but you can’t go in and out with your vision.

Mike and I, and the VP team are not checking out. We are producing a new product in the funnel, building new funnels, running challenges, scheduling calls, selling, fulfilling.

Some people are like, “come on, it’s the holidays, kick back.”

That’s not an option. Purpose doesn’t take time off for the holidays. It’s not that we don’t enjoy, get rest, and take the time to be there for family, but that doesn’t mean we allow distraction to rob us of our goals.

We admit it helps because we got a lot of visionaries around us.

Anna is a visionary, Mike and I are. Nastja is, Barbara and Monika are when they are sober. Very rare, I tell you 🙂

It helps to surround yourself with the people who challenge you to the next level.

Being a visionary can feel lonely and like no one ‘gets you.’ We get it, no one understands us either! We are not normal civilians, we don’t buy into that status quo. My friends we are all Visionaries on a Mission!

You know we are here to hold you accountable, but more than that, we are here to coach you! Accountability is great, but, the people who need that most are the people who are still unclear on their mission and vision.

I’m curious about people who say they want to build a business, and then you have to come around and wipe their butts, where it feels like they forget what they set out to do.  Or they forget to work their business.

In my humble opinion, do you know who needs you to come around and hold them accountable?

Employees and workers.

Not movers and shakers.

None of the great leaders, heroes, iconoclasts, visionaries needed someone to come around and hold their feet to the fire and keep reminding them to get after their dreams… they JUST DID it.

Could you imagine having to walk up to Steve Jobs/Walt Disney and say, do you need me to hold you accountable?

That’s the bad news if you’re one of those people.

If you need someone to chase you to get the work done you simply aren’t pursuing the right mission, or you’re not clear on your vision DEEP inside you. You’re not clear on what you stand for.

When you have a true vision and a deep mission – it’s all consuming. It’s something you wake up thinking about, you go to bed thinking about it. You eat, sleep, breathe, shit your vision!

You wake up in a sweat like you were racing in your dreams toward it!

But, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t more than a civilian. 

Because, here’s the flip side…

A visionary does their work because it’s what they DO and WHO they ARE.

I was listening to Maynard (lead singer of Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, owner of Caduceus Vineyards and Mirken Winery & Osteria) talk about how a true visionary isn’t doing what they do because they owe anything to anyone, or because they hope people see it.

They do it because it’s WHO they are and what they DO, regardless of others. If people resonate with it, great. If not, they still do their thing because it’s what they HAVE to do.

The good news is that if that’s you, we got your back. Since it’s the end of the year, we recommend you to get clarity of your Vision first, so 2019 comes around and you can get in the game and start making it happen. You can check out Clear Vision Planner program, that was designed especially for getting clarity of Vision.

Click HERE to discover more! 

So the lesson today is, take advantage of the support we offer. Show up for yourself, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. That will elevate your people circle and motivate you to launch your visionary voice in 2019!


– Vito


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