The Lucca Lessons: The Very Real, Sometimes Painful Things I Learned To Be Grateful For When A Baby Is Born

When I was returning home from 3 days in the hospital with my wife and newborn son, Lucca safely tucked in the car seat, I was thinking about how the world is different the moment you have a child. Nothing feels the same once you got a little life in your hands. But it’s also not a new story. People have shared this feeling before that life changes the moment you have kids. Parents share this all the time.

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6 Pillars Of Personal Training Studio Success

Would you like to increase your profits, have more time in your schedule and build a reliable team you can count on so you can not be a slave to your business? Back in 2005… I wish the moment I had decided to open a studio that someone smarter than me had sat me down and said, “Hey if you’re going to open and run a successful small business…

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5 Secret (Rarely Talked About) Ingredients to Online Business Success: Traits That Will Make You Dominate While Others Spin Their Wheels

You — like the the majority of people — have a BIG dream, wish, vision and goal… …I know this about you. Your aspirations revolve around more than showing up and punching the clock. You are meant for more than the 9-5 grind… (is it still 9 to 5, or 8 to 6 now? Or 8 to You keep your ass here until we say you go because good luck finding another job out there and since you’re on salary,…

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3 Ways to Instantly Make More Money In The Fitness Industry

When is it going to stop? I’m seeing far too many fitness and health professionals like you going broke for all the wrong reasons… The plan in the industry should be… …to make the transition from fitpro to fitness business owner to fitnesspreneur in hopes of achieving financial freedom and independence … …but the reality is that most people in the industry who are trying to make the transition to business owners are more broke as…

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9 Ways to Grow Your Business And Put More Money In Your Pocket

Would you like to see more money in your pocket? What about a business that has more raving fans and people getting the results you promise? Yes, right? Well, then sit back and enjoy this month’s podcast with my guest Scott Rawcliffe, because it all started with a conversation, a little too much wine (is there such a thing?), and some winery experiences that turned into 9 money-making lessons for you. If you’re…

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Girl Scout Sells 300 Boxes of Cookies in Under 5 Hours

I found this insanely funny (yet not to be missed marketing lesson) in a NO BS Inner Circle newsletter, “A GIRL SCOUT IN SAN DIEGO SOLD A STAGGERING 300 BOXES OF COOKIES IN UNDER 5 HOURS, by placing herself and her sales table outside a marijuana dispensary. Brilliant.” Outside of the sheer hilarity of that, and how fricking smart this kid is… What does this mean for you and your business? We can learn…

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Blueprint For Achieving Wealth And Success

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To earn your dream income in the fitness industry, you’ll need to change a big part of how you think of yourself.

Everyone’s a trainer and a technician. You need to also think of yourself as the CEO of your own business.

That mentality is easy to develop when you follow these three steps.

Dream Big

We all have dreams. But few of us dream big.

You can tell that people don’t do this because so often I see trainers that are content with just being on the floor. You can’t make any real headway working like this and you certainly won’t achieve your dream income.

Dreaming big means envisioning the life you want to live. It doesn’t have to be big time diamonds and mansions (although if that’s your thing, go for it). But whatever it means to you, have an idea in your head.

Big dreams means big work from you. Those big dreams are possible. Just look at me.

Set a Target

Do you leave your house without having a destination? Of course not. So why not have a target if it’s your life we’re talking about?

Hope is not a strategy to have. To achieve your dreams, you need concrete numbers.

Grab Your Free Worksheet

That’s right, plural. It’s numbers I’m saying because we’ll be looking at different programs to get to that number.

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4 Ways to Grow Your Business & Life, Lessons from Chianti, Italy

In this special edition I have some business building and life mastery lessons from my recent vacation to Chianti and Florence Italy, where the food and wine were on another level, and the ancient traditions are not dead yet. Instead, they are being fought to be preserved. Everywhere you go in the world, anytime you step outside your door, get on a plane or travel to places you’ve never been you can find…

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