My ski flew off, I hit the ground hard…

It was an awesome 5 days in Mammoth as Anna and I got away for Valentine’s Day and so we could get our annual ski trip to Mammoth in. It’s one of our favorite mountains! The weather was epic, it was snowing non-stop for 4 days, before we had a break in the snow to catch a ½ a bluebird day. We had great friends, great food, great wine, and great times. But, there’s a moment from the trip…

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The Money You’re Missing Because You Can’t See This

The power of a set of well-qualified fresh eyes. The other weekend, a successful bookkeeper for fitness and wellness professionals, was out at my Vision In the Vineyards, personal brand building 2.5 day intensive, when I spotted two talents she had that were hidden in plain sight. Shannon has skills in helping wellness professionals create profit in their business by setting up the accounting, bookkeeping and bank finance systems using the Profit First methodology. But what wasn’t as…

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Unclear Vision puts man $105,000 in debt and loses his house

So here’s a disturbing story about having an unclear Vision and not knowing the options that serves as a valuable lesson for business growers and visionaries like us: While back, a man who had reached the limits of the hours he could work in his service based job (he was a personal trainer back then) was looking for the next steps in his career so that he could break free from the ole’ trading dollars for…

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Facebook Groups Aren’t Dead: Jono Petrohilos’ Modern Strategies Guaranteed to Turn Your Groups Into Cash

Australian legend Jono Petrohilos, the man behind Fitness Education Online and host of the Bootcamp Blueprint, recently joined me from Down Under to reveal exactly how he’s built a revenue-generating empire through Facebook Groups. The fitness superstar has developed a handful of secret strategies and tactics that have thousands hooked on his Groups… but there’s more.

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High Performance Mastermind Notes

Brendon Burchard, HPM NYC, 2018   1) Best Time to Reinvent Is Oct-Dec. (after that, if u waited to Spring it’s too late, you missed early year swing.) 2) Where do you need to let go of some stuff.   3) Category Ownership: 3.1) If you’re going to build an empire, you have to ask what category am I going to own. 3.2) Category Ownership Initiatives…

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Expert Advice for Personal Trainers: Money-Making Lessons Learned Going From Studio Owner to Online Fitnesspreneur

Money-Making Lessons Learned Going From Studio Owner to Online Fitnesspreneur I recently had the pleasure of sharing some secrets to success on Jono Petrohilos’ Bootcamp Blueprint Podcast. Jono boasts an all-star lineup of past guests, and I’m thrilled to join the likes of Thomas Plummer, Ryan Lee, and Jack Wheeler as featured guests.  This one got real. I unveiled the truth behind my personal story and the lessons I learned as I went from…

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The Lucca Lessons: The Very Real, Sometimes Painful Things I Learned To Be Grateful For When A Baby Is Born

When I was returning home from 3 days in the hospital with my wife and newborn son, Lucca safely tucked in the car seat, I was thinking about how the world is different the moment you have a child. Nothing feels the same once you got a little life in your hands. But it’s also not a new story. People have shared this feeling before that life changes the moment you have kids. Parents share this all the time.

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6 Pillars Of Personal Training Studio Success

Would you like to increase your profits, have more time in your schedule and build a reliable team you can count on so you can not be a slave to your business? Back in 2005… I wish the moment I had decided to open a studio that someone smarter than me had sat me down and said, “Hey if you’re going to open and run a successful small business…

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