Friendly Marketing

Does the word ‘marketing’ have you running for the hills screaming? You aren’t alone. The fitness industry is notorious for crappy marketing. We do it wrong.   Scroll the newsfeed, Pinterest, or through a magazine and you see ads and offers that all look the same.   They are practically ignored by the masses.   And we have the promises…

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The fallacy of security

Recently a Beachbody coach on my team burst out crying the minute, no the second, we got on our monthly zoom meeting. She had just lost a job she was working on for months. She handles Quickbook accounts for small businesses on the side while she is building her Beachbody business, she also has a job at a construction company doing sales, and works as a group X instructor too!…

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Too busy lying to ourselves

A nice woman in the industry emailed me a few weeks ago and asked how I could help get her on the right track to stop burning out, get more time off, and make more money than slaving away on the floor for another 25+ years. She was 53, her fricking bones are getting tired. I hear her. I’m almost 45 and I don’t move the way I used too and my body…

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  If you’re feeling stuck in your career this could be why. If you’re in one market for a long time; it’s either going to… … start plateauing on you, …going down, …or you’re going to have to keep reinventing inside the market if you want to avoid stagnation. It’s just a reality that if you’re doing business today, the way you were 5…

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You ever feel like your life circumstances are getting in the way of your future? It’s so easy to blame circumstance versus accept our future is our choice. Recently I had a killer guest on my podcast, Anthony Trucks, former NFL athlete, and creator of Trust Your Hustle. And his story has clues to overcoming the doubt that…

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Top 15 Lessons From The #1 High Performance Coach In The World

Top 15 Lessons I learned from the one, the only, #1 High Performance Coach in the world, Brendon Burchard.   Anna and I were with him in Cabo, Mexico for his mastermind retreat.  To say we learned a lot, is an understatement. Brendon helps serve people with their personal development, professional development, and helping thought…

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These 25 Skills Paved The Way For A Good Life

Recently someone asked me, “how did you get to where you are? You look like you get to work whatever schedule you want, from home. Your wife and you work together. I’ve seen on social media how much you travel, and your business is still running, you planted a vineyard. That’s not normal for the fitness industry. WTF.” I abbreviated that last part to keep it clean. Why I don’t know, just don’t want to offend…

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do you need a website questioned answered? [Q&A INSIDE]

  Let’s do a bit of “Q&A” action today. First question: QUESTION: Vito, I’m trying to grow online and thinking I want to offer my services online, should I start with a website? VITO: Depends. For most people I would say it’s not the first move. Websites cost a lot of money and take a lot of time and thought to build out. Without a funnel to backup a website, they are pretty…

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who knew that a rock and a bush could be so painful

A week and half ago…about 3 hours before one of my high end biz coaching clients was coming to the house for ½ day Vision in the Vineyards retreat, I get a text message from Billy, the owner of Stage Ranch, the company that’s planting a couple acres of vineyard on our property in Temecula and he says… …”there seems to be a water main break on the slope and you got water washing away the slope.”…

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Achieve Freedom

7day Clear Vision