The 4 Freedoms Fitness & Wellness Pros Deserve

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2019

I’m not exaggerating when I say that your life can change when you start scaling and automating your business.

How do I know?

Because not only have I seen it  happen in all my mentors lives, but also my life changed once I started scaling my business.

I used to be like many fitness business owners and coaches out there. I showed up for clients and hoped that I could log enough hours in a week to make a decent living. My business ran great when I was there, but if I wasn’t there it didn’t run the same.

Running my business this way, though, left me at the mercy of many things that could have gone wrong. Things like I could have gotten sick or a client could have cancelled on me and that lessened the take home pay for my business or me.

Or, I wasn’t there to answer the phones, conduct the consults, make the sales, and that all left the business not running like a well oiled machine. That hurt my earning potential as a small business owner at the time. Then I’d be out of the money that I desperately needed to make during that time. I was playing Russian roulette with my life and my income and, really, that’s no way to live.

I see so many trainers and fitness business owners stuck doing what I did, trading their hours for money.

Sure, the more hours you work, the more you make. But as we know there are only a limited number of hours in a day. Only twenty-four of them, as a matter of fact. And of those limited hours, only half of them are spent awake.

The number of available hours keeps dwindling further when you realize that your schedule needs to sync up with your client’s. In those limited awake hours, people can only work at certain times, usually before or after they go to their jobs.

And if you’re still in the situation where you are doing a large portion of the training you are really handcuffing your potential earning power because you’re not doing the most important activities as a business owner or entrepreneur- and that is marketing and sales!

You see where I’m going with this?

That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself. You’re trying to make a living by hoping that someone can make a session with you during a small amount of hours you have in a day, and you’re living with the hope that enough of your clients show up at hours that align with yours. And you’re hoping that word of mouth is enough (it never is) and that your staff will be as aggressive about marketing and selling as you (they never are).

Talk about a crapshoot for your chances of success and quality of life.

There’s a much easier way to do this. Once you switch off that trading hours for dollars mentality and activate a smarter plan for working, you’ll discover four huge freedoms that will transform the way you live.

Don’t spend another day wondering why your career and income aren’t going anywhere. Feeling stuck is very different than being stuck. I can attest that scaling and automating your services by taking your marketing, sales, education, services all online is one of the simplest way to get unstuck and get the bottleneck free in your business.

I’m actually living proof of this.

Because that other way, doing only one-on-one sessions, always having to be present to conduct sales, send out marketing, educate your potential clients isn’t giving you much leverage and it isn’t maximizing your time or your earning potential.

Oh, did I forget to mention that part?

Trading hours for dollars not only relies on a fixed number of hours, but it also freezes you on a fixed amount of money. Because I don’t care how good a trainer you are, the amount of money you can charge for an hourly session will eventually top out. Charge anything more than that and people will just go somewhere else.

I don’t like living like that. I don’t like to be told when to work, how hard, and how much I’ll be earning. I believe in taking control of my life and dictating my hours. I like deciding how much (or how little) I will work. I like having the freedom of not going into a gym or studio and instead work from wherever my wonderful life takes me.

Sound crazy? You can do this, too!

Scaling and automating your services, when done right, is just a smarter way to work. It makes you earn more for less labor. No more depending on clients to make it or the whether your staff and coaches dictate the growth. When you know how to scale and automate your business becomes a smoothly operating machine, one that virtually dispenses money 24/7.

Let’s take a look at the four freedoms that automating your services affects. I’ll give you before and after examples so you can see what a difference this method makes.


1) Time

I think we can all agree that this one’s a big one. Time is something that we never seem to have enough of. From the moment you wake up, it’s a race against the clock. And it’s a race most people lose.

It’s not just that there are only 24 hours in a day. It’s the stuff we do during those hours that literally slows us down. And in our business, like any service business, time is money.

The reason we hire people to do stuff for us, like dry cleaning or making a meal, is because we believe that our time is better spent doing other things.

So understanding that concept right there is a great reason for you to break free from the shackles of time that keep most fit pros from earning the money they deserve.

When you think about what you’re providing and how that value directly affects the amount of money you earn, that’s reason enough to stop relying on one-on-one sessions. That’s just not a good use of your time.

That’s why the service you’re providing simply tops out. Coming up with session after session that can only be done once with a client, a one and done deal, is a lot of work for very little return.

On the other hand, if you expand your services online and package them for the at-home market as an example, then the sky’s the limit on how much you earn. The more people that encounter what you’re offering, the more you can make. The greater the value you deliver, the greater the return. I’ll show you what I mean.

Let’s take a typical day. Let’s say you work with eight clients who each pay you $150 for the session. That’s great. That’s $1200 before taxes in just one day. I’m being generous with the number even though in many parts of the country, earning that much is a pipe dream. I’m just talking numbers, 8 clients, all in a row, bam.

But that doesn’t leave you time to do much. And you can only do this so many times a week or so many days in a row. And those numbers change with cancellations.

On the other hands, when you automate and scale your services, you create a freedom with your time that literally destroys the clock.

Let’s say you add nutrition supplements to your programs and start building that residual income and you take your training into videos that subscribers can access for a monthly fee without you having to conduct each session, now you creating large scale income not tied to your physical presence.

I learned this in 2010 and that’s when I started adding an additional 5-figures a year for a few years before I learned how to scale that value to an additional 6-figures a year. That changed the pressure I was going through when I was a studio owner.

Here’s what I want you to take away, when building online products and programs you only put in the time that it takes to set these things up and you can get paid over and over again for the work you did once. That’s it; your time investment is over. But your income streams flow non-stop. With each new subscription or purchase, you’re adding to your income with no work or time added. That’s twenty-four hours a day, anytime, with daily, weekly, or monthly billing cycles. All while you’re doing more important things with your time.

Doing it this way means it doesn’t matter what happens to you or your client. Life can get in the way and you will still make money. That’s the beauty of scaling and automating. It bends time to your will.

How’s that for freedom?


2) Location

It used to be that the key to any business was location, location, location. This seems pretty obvious. You’ll do better in the heart of a commercial district than under a freeway on the outskirts of town.

But that really only applies if you’re dependent on people walking through your door. And that only applies to actual brick and mortar businesses.

Hey, look, I was a trainer for 12 years and I loved being in the gym as much as the next person. I appreciate the personal interaction of changing someone’s life and seeing the happiness that a healthy lifestyle brings.

But this is a new world we’re living in, and when it comes to money, I’m looking to grow my income as easily and smartly as I can so I can have more wealth to help more people.

As a fitnesspreneur I’m looking to work with as many people as I can and influence as many people as I can because obesity is too big an issue to not think bigger about the solution. And that’s why I changed my model to not just have people come to the gym, but to meet them in their homes, on their travel schedules, or wherever they are by going online. Online means that your business is not limited to the number of people that come through your doorway. It’s not limited to anything at all!

Here’s the thing to consider. Your brick and mortar business relies on the people within a three to five mile radius. Any distances larger than that and people simply won’t come because it’s not convenient.

But, the problem today is also the over saturation of the mom and pop fitness market. Boot camps, Cross Fit, local studios and the chains are everywhere now, so, it’s not just you that’s trying to get those people within that geographic radius. Every other gym, studio, and boot camp is fighting tooth and nail to get those people coming in through THEIR doors.

We’re running into the same problem we had with time: scarcity. There are only a finite number of people that are located within the proximity of your business and they get spread out amongst all the businesses. But, is that enough to make a healthy living without being trapped in your business? Typically not.

To get ahead you need marketing, advertising, and sales to retain the limited number of people that are in close proximity to you and often you get stuck in the price wars as each fitness business struggles to create education based marketing that demonstrates the value proposition and justifies high pricing.

The Internet has changed all that. Our smartphones have changed all
that. Now there is no limit to how many people you can reach because the
whole world is your market, not just the people within miles of your
business. Location, location, location does not matter, matter, matter.

Think about that. Now you no longer have to cater to local interests.
You can truly be a thought leader in everything that you offer because
the whole world is your market. You can appeal to niche markets and go
after the people that think about your programs on a global scale.

want to create programs just for Spartan X racers and coach them you
can! You want to create programs for football athletes you can! You want
to create programs for CEO’s you can! And you can market to them all
over the world.

Not only will your business have location freedom, but you will, too. Now you can run your programs from anywhere. You can work from the comfort of your bedroom in your pajamas to a beautifully sandy beach along the Mediterranean. Sounds like heaven, right?

I’ve been able to create a 7-figure business from my home, from Napa, Italy, Mammoth, anywhere I have an online connection my business is open and working. And because a lot of it is automated even when I’m not working it’s working.

Look, if you’re not onboard with going online or can’t wrap your mind around the technology (and setting this stuff up is easy, truly it is), then you’ll simply lose out to those entrepreneurs who are embracing this.

Because this is the future. And you want to be a part of it.

Don’t be the bottleneck that’s holding your business back. The world needs you, so bring your services to it.


3) People

This one also goes hand in hand with the problem of location. If you’re stuck with the market that lives within a certain radius of your business, then you’re also stuck with the people who can get to your business. And that includes the employees, too.

Hey, maybe you’re one in a million and your staff is already the cream of the crop. Congrats on that, you’ve found a rare thing.

I know when I had my gym, it was a struggle to find that high caliber staff that met, or exceeded, my expectations. Good trainers were a dime a dozen. But excellent fitness professionals are hard to come by. Let alone, excellent customer service, admin, sales and marketing professionals. So long as your business is people dependent you have a limit. But, when your business can leverage systems you won’t need as many people.

I operate my 7-figure brand with a team of less than 5 people. Only two are full time, the rest are part time outsourcers I use to do all my repurposing.

Once again, the Internet has changed all that. Because who says that the trainers in your video subscription service need to live near your business? You can record anyone from anywhere and share it with your clients. You can recruit specialists and other people around the world who have insights into the niche markets that are becoming so profitable for entrepreneurs like you and me.

Now I’m doing what I call “working with the willing”. I’m able to assemble a top-notch team of people who want to take their game to the next level.

We’ve all seen that person that phones it in on the job. Working with them is no fun, especially if your business relies on someone like that as a mouthpiece for what you do. But in the past we’ve sometimes had to keep people like that on because they’re the best we can do. It’s what we had. Not anymore.

Scaling and automating your services means the freedom to work with the people who share your vision, your drive, and your future, no matter where on earth they call home.

I have a team of fitness coaches through one of the division of my brand, my Beachbody coaching team, and they give me a reach across the whole USA and Canada to the tune of 10,000+ fitness coaches. That’s the kind of leverage you can be building by evolving your business model.

Your business is your livelihood. And that’s pretty serious. You should put your livelihood into the hands of the very best. By doing so you’re increasing the value of what you offer. People will come back to your high-quality business because high-quality people make it up.

And, once you set up a quality business that makes great money, you’ll attract even more people (clients and employees) that will want to be a part of your unique vision.

Automating and scaling leads to people freedom. Period.


4) Financial

The name of the game is money. Money is a resource that allows you to create more resources. If you don’t have money you can’t hire, invest, scale, market or grow and then your business traps you. Or dies with you.

I’m stunned when I see fitness business owners who are unable to grasp that we do this work for the money, as well as the difference we make in peoples’ lives.

Sure, helping people become fit and healthy is a pretty nice thing to do. But money, and the hard work that leads to it, are the most important things in our business because as an entrepreneur and business owner your primary role is to keep the business viable and strong. That requires money.

Somewhere in the industry, there are circle where they’ve become a group of people that won’t admit the importance of money. Saying so somehow makes you a bad person. Avoid those people like the plague.

I’m here and you’re here because we have a passion for helping people and want to make great money doing it.

Not having those first three freedoms I mentioned before leads to not having the necessary financial freedom of achieving our dreams.

No money means being unable to grow more. It means you can’t reinvest in your business because you’re trying to doggy paddle your way out of one crisis and into another. No money means you’re stuck in that trade-off between hours and money and you’re not in a proper entrepreneurial mindset. No money is not good any way you slice it. Your family deserves a lifestyle that includes living by choice.

Scaling and automating changes the whole game, season, and sport! It increases your ability to make more money with smarter work and that, in turn, frees up your mind. Now you’ve got more space to work even smarter. And on and on…

It’s a perpetual cycle that creates all of the good things in your life, including more money. But it’s a cycle that some people have a lot of difficulty getting onboard with because of that limiting mindset of hours for dollars.

More automation also means shrinking your overhead, which is what eats up your time, money, and headspace. By going online, you’re blowing the doors off of whatever is limiting you. You’re taking your business’s message online and creating untold freedoms for yourself and your future.

The key is to help yourself out by automating and scaling your services today! Freedom isn’t just a concept. It’s the necessary component for you to get more done in this world. It’s a way of living that creates success and wealth. It expands your network as you surround yourself with people that think and succeed like you do.

Most importantly, it takes your destiny and the destiny of your family members away from people that do not have your best interests at heart. They’re going out and about, living their lives. It makes no difference to them whether or not they make it to that session today, tomorrow, or ever. But if you’re a fitness coach that’s depending on that hour to survive, you’re letting someone else play with your life.


Take control today and create these four important freedoms for yourself. Any one of these four are worth a change in mindset by themselves. You can’t argue with the importance of time, location, people, and money. But when you combine them and realize how little of those freedoms you have in your life, the switch should be a no-brainer.

Get online today. Make your services automatic and scaled for everyone worldwide to benefit from.

Get rid of that limiting mindset. Be free.


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