The Fitnesspreneurs Guide to Building + Scaling Your Online Business [Featuring Matt Walrath, Creator of Beyond Macros]

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2019

I’m floored…

I’m legit still digesting the knowledge bombs dropped throughout the powerful podcast below with Beyond Macros creator, Matt Walrath.

This guy is uber dialed-in to his business. And lucky for us, he was down to nerd out on how he stepped away from the offline grind and built his behemoth online nutrition coaching biz.

From building and scaling your online business to his elite content marketing strategy that’s still paying massive dividends years later, Matt peels back the curtain on exactly how he went from trading hours for dollars offline to living the freedom lifestyle thanks to the success of Beyond Macros.

Watch it below and keep scrolling for the blueprint to building and scaling your online business…

Matt’s Story: The Fit Pro Who Wanted More

Matt was a typical fit pro (insert any service based business you are in). He had a plethora of revenue streams going but experienced the struggle of being tied to the trenches with a hard cap on his time and revenue.

Sure, CrossFit coaching, nutrition coaching, personal training, and group fitness classes were paying the bills, but not one was delivering the kind of cash and satisfaction this hard-charger was seeking. Sound familiar?

Just like so many of my clients who have wanted to build online businesses, I’ve been there too.

Matt was a jack-of-all-trades surrounded by tons of half-dug holes, yet he was missing out on going deep enough on any of them to hit a gold mine. It’s a story I’m all too familiar with. And if it’s resonating with you, this interview is instantly going to get you unstuck.

Wasting time filling out piles of 1099s and tied to the trenches for the umpteenth week in a row, Beyond Macros was born to solve a problem Matt identified with his offline clients.

Through his nutrition coaching services, Matt found developing macros (fat, carbs, protein and calories) for his clients would always deliver short-term results. Keyword: Short-term. The problem? Those 4 numbers alone weren’t delivering lasting transformations.

When he witnessed a client cheersing olive oil before bed to hit the daily fat intake Matt had prescribed (ridiculous, but true), he knew it was time to — dare I say — go beyond macros :).

He started the online business on his own to guarantee lasting transformations.

Beyond Macros now boasts a team of 6 coaches, an assistant, and a community manager deeply devoted to the business’s mission.

But like many aspiring business owners who want to make money, the hardest part was successfully scaling the online endeavor. Once his own time was tapped out, Matt had to make massive changes to take things to the next level.

Along the way, he learned a ton. Keep scrolling for Matt’s secrets to success going from offline to online and from one-man show to a high-performance visionary leading a talented team…

4 Proven Steps to Building Your Online Business

From side hustle to online empire, below are the lessons Matt learned starting and growing Beyond Macros.

Whether an online endeavor is a blip on your radar or a current revenue stream, these steps will get you going (and growing) in the right direction.

Step 1. Start by servicing your current community.

As a CrossFit competitor and coach, Matt started offering his online programs at the gym where Matt coached. It’s a hidden gem of success when building online that you should offer your online offers to your offline clients, so you can tap into the community that already knows you.

That’s how Matt quickly became a big fish in the 500-member pond by focusing on the niche and community he knew so well.  During this time he was able to stay authentic to his values.

Think about it: The members were already familiar with him and trusted him, he spoke their language, understood their stories, and had an influential presence he could tap into right away.

That’s a recipe for success.

Once you capture your current community, there’s ample opportunity to scale to larger communities and different niches.

In Matt’s case, the CrossFit community embraced Beyond Macros. He later noticed a crossover with the Obstacle Course Racing community, and Beyond Macros expanded its niche into OCR.

Step 2. Expose your offline clients to online tools.

Start simple: One of the first web-based tools Matt used was an online scheduler that allowed his clients to book appointments and training sessions. Did you pick up on that? He started with one simple tool that got things going.

He didn’t try and build everything at once.

As things evolve, you can set up autoresponders, funnels, and email sequences to enhance the offline experience, delve deeper into your online biz, and foster stronger relationships by delivering more value. But, you gotta get in the game.

It’s a win-win: Your clients experience the tremendous value web-based solutions provide and those same solutions save you time. Time that can be applied to transitioning more of your business online (we’ll discuss what Matt did with this extra time in just a second).

For heaven’s sake, stop the sticky notes and notebooks people! Start peppering in online tools with your current clientele.

Step 3. Create Content Now

As Matt knows from experience, it takes at least 4-6 months for the content you create now to start paying off.

You see, content develops relationships, authority, and of course, SEO. That SEO piece is what makes you searchable, but it’s also what takes the most time.

Why wait?

When you’re starting out, authority content is the perfect complement to enhance the offline experience for your clients, get them warmed up digitally, and build both your community and your email list.

Case in point: Matt’s number one piece of content right now generates 115 new email addresses per week! It was written 2 years ago.

The key to automated success to grow your business while you sleep is…

Develop timeless content that solves problems for your audience. Leave no stone unturned as your words, videos, and images serve as solutions. Many others, including Matt, can assure you it will pay off.

Your content will give them the knowledge they need, but the money is in the implementation.

I’m dropping key things here folks…do you know the #1 reason you’re not online yet? Implementation. Most people don’t know what to do so they stay stuck and do nothing.

You can’t risk not getting started much longer. World is changing fast and you’re either moving with it or being left behind. 

Scared your content will steal your business? Why would anyone need you if you shared your content online? Think about it like this: You can hand a hiker the map to Mount Kilimanjaro, but they’re still going to need a guide.

Start creating quality content now that teaches them the “why.” You’ll then be the go-to solution for the “how.”

Step 4. Develop content upgrades and funnels

The pillar content we described above needs to lead somewhere.

That “somewhere” is a free lead magnet or content upgrade.

In Matt’s case, it’s a calorie and macronutrient calculator worksheet that other businesses charge $150 for. He used it to get massive list growth, and then relied on his funnel to sell them later. Patience with the process is why Matt is successful.

Wherever you see successful visionaries you see patience as a practice.

Back to the lead magnet…

The free lead magnet is what gets them from your content onto your email list, and eventually exposed to enticing offers that get you paid.

Now, once you’re ready to create killer content, we’ll help you develop funnels that actually work.

It gets complex, but all it takes is content and an email service provider like ActiveCampaign to get the ball rolling.

Next up: Scaling…

4-Step Success Audit For Scaling Your Business

With Beyond Macros up and running, Matt eventually had to make the scary (yet fruitful) decision to scale.
A buzzword that many don’t truly understand, here’s a 4-step success audit to go through before scaling your business.

Step 1. Ask yourself: Does the world need me to scale?

Be honest with yourself. Does the world need your solution or are you scaling for selfish reasons? Make sure what you’re taking online is something that should be out there.

Matt describes the internet as a massive amplifier. But your message needs to make the sweet sounds of Eddie Vedder’s guitar, or else your business will drown in the noise.

It’s not that you’ll never be offline or work with people live as soon as you hit the web. Scaling is simply the next evolution of your business.

Step 2. Nail your processes.

Every successful businesses has processes that can be duplicated. The best businesses have these processes so buttoned-up that duplication is seamless.

No matter how small you are, you should be building processes. They’ll save you time along the way, and eventually, they’ll serve as the impetus to allow serious growth.

Your other option is to skip the processes and watch your energy, effort, time, and money wane.

Your choice…

Step 3. Be sure you’re already delivering consistent results.

Are your clients getting results?

No? Back it up, brother.

Unless you’re delivering consistent results with your current business, you have nothing to scale. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t have a waitlist, you’re not ready to scale.

That waitlist is a sign that you’ve made all the sacrifices you can to deliver a fantastic service and there are still more who need what you’re offering.

Consider it proof of concept before scaling.

Step 4. Get clear on your staffing needs.

Develop the ideal avatar of who you need on your team and what you need them to do.

What is your budget? How will you train them? How will they save you time?

While getting clear on your consumer is crucial, getting clear on your team is a non-negotiable when scaling.

Matt admits he wouldn’t be where he is now without spending a ton of time planning for and nailing his first hires.

And as you know, part of why you’re scaling is because you can’t do it on your own anymore.

Matt’s Best Business Tip: Zoom Out

As a business owner, you need to understand business. And you won’t get that from NASM, ACE, or any other cert out there.

In Matt’s capstone course for business school, he learned the importance of “zooming out.”

It’s on you to see and understand how everything fits in as a piece of your bigger business puzzle. You have to be able to visualize the whole ecosystem of your business. Every decision has an impact.

If you’re not there yet, think about it from a training perspective: You need to consider your clients social life, physical state, mentality, and family life to ensure they transform.  

How do you do that? By zooming out so you can see it all.

If you don’t, you’ll find out they’re not using your meal plans because they have a naked kid running around the house every morning before work. No? Just me?

That’s a real-life example I personally learned the hard way because I didn’t understand the value of zooming out. That damn bok choy recipe was money, but I was only seeing a fraction of my clients needs because I wasn’t looking at the big picture.

It’s a simple example, but it certainly relates. As you scale, your ability to zoom out will constantly be tested.

The Beyond Macros Model: Have a Human Element

As Matt shared in our chat, there are several ways to do your online business model. For Beyond Macros, the client is paying for accessibility to their VIP coach.

It works because every online business has to include a human connection.

No human? No relationships.

Your business will be filled with one-time buyers who never move the darn needle.

The truth is not everyone was meant to be the business owner, visionary, and entrepreneur. But if this podcast spoke to you and your ambitions, you’re in the right place.

I couldn’t cover all of Matt’s golden nuggets in this blog (it’d need to be a pillar piece of content), so take a look back at the video above for more tips, tricks, and secrets you can steal from Beyond Macros.

You can reach Matt at [email protected]. He’s currently accepting applications for aspiring nutrition coaches interested in his Beyond Macros training course discussed in the podcast.

You can apply to be a Beyond Macros coach now at beyondmacros.com. As he shared, it’s a truly valuable experience.



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