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This is a series of notes from a $60,000 a year mastermind I'm in with Brendon Burchard.  This is cutting edge stuff that you'll definitely want to pay attention to!

Ready?  Let's roll with the notes...

1) Best Time to Reinvent Is Oct-Dec. (after that, if u waited to Spring it’s too late, you missed early year swing.)

2) Where do you need to let go of some stuff.

3) Category Ownership:

3.1) If you’re going to build an empire, you have to ask what category am I going to own.

3.2) Category Ownership Initiatives

Be the curator of the category and you become the linchpin and own that category.

For you to own a category it doesn’t need to be you, it can be case studies, research and curation.


4) Hobbyists ask “can I do this?” “Can I try this?”

4.1) They dabble and kick tires. They play small.

4.2) If we look at it are you playing small?

4.3) Are you looking at ur past vs. the level of service you can provide.

4.4) Some of you are still charging based on your past.

What price do you want to charge to own a category.

Brendon $10k 10X Empire Story- he charged what he thought would command attention and ownership of the category.

He didn’t ask “what’s my self worth” he asked how do I own a category. He asked “how do I show them how to get 10x their investment in value.

5) Service versus Self- that is the question today in a selfie society.

5.1) We live in a selfie society so we have become blind to anything outside ourselves.

5.2) We have lost vision and just have a selfie culture.

5.3) Everyone is thinking clicks vs. empire.

5.4) Scared for this generation of adults because they are thinking of self vs. reinvent.

5.5) The question should always be what value can I provide?

6) Your next breakthrough is going to come from what you COBBLE TOGETHER.

STORY: Kid making $70k in Pharma got 9 CEO’s to each pay $1m for a MM.


7.1) When the world is thinking one thing, is when empires are built.

7.2) Most people are trying to win at myopic things vs. bigger things.

7.3) People who can’t think beyond the next thing become the commoditized thing.

Then they do the same thing as everyone else.

Everyone is focused on this thing over there, so you tell them that this over here IS THE NEXT BIG THING- and you own the category.

7.4) As thought leaders we have to tell them WHERE THE FUTURE IS. (VP)

We can’t think about just optimize, we have to plan and think how to make our service future oriented.

Don’t just share what you’re good at, take your category and share here’s how to do it better and here’s the next thing- then u get to own it and name it!

7.5) Sometimes the biggest you will ever get paid is when you teach people to think bigger!

7.6) Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture while you’re fixing the small stuff.

7.7) Making a Mess

Every little mess is one step closer to your empire. You just gotta get some miles under you.

EX: Rachel Hollis- 5 failed books, then the 6th one hit. She never stopped adding value to her audience the whole way.

7.8) Some parts of empire building mean you gotta get out of your “local” stops and shops.

7.9) We don’t think empire because we think: Skillset, Self, Talent

7.10) Instead you need to be the coordinator, advisor, and investor

You gotta have your thing.


8.1) Market Adjacencies – how do you find the audiences you can scale too?

8.2) Brand Adjacencies- other brands that can resonate with your audience.

Brand 2- non-talent, doesn’t need to be ur face, products that can be sold without you.

IP LLC- protect IP, then license to others.

Multiple Streams of Income vs. multiple products-

Hedge your bets

Protects against risk,

Multiplies wealth.

8.3) Category Ownership

8.4) Separate entities – can you have multiple that pull from each other?

Ex: Vitolafata.com>Kajabi>BB>VP>V&V>HPA

Ex: Brendon>Commune>Thrive>Growth>Kajabi

8.5) Strategic networking with category ownership in mind is key.

Without fear of how much you make.

Without fear of capabilities

8.6) Brand layers


Most people stop at topic, yet around the topic there is an industry and that industry has a market that serves it.

Topic takes place within an industry

Ex: experts industry

Topic = I want to help <audience> do X.

GOOP: Health and wellness for women = topic

Brands with health and wellness products = industry.

Market = the service providers and product providers that serve the industry.

Ex: Kajabi, Infusionsoft

The way you can own it is by not having to do it all, you can curate versus create it all.

9) QT: What am I capable of? Vs. What is my next level of service?

These are two different questions.

10) Take a scene and location of an event and use it to teach lesson and put people in the mindset of the event.

EX: NYC – Empire building

EX: Temecula- planting and farming

11) You have a following and a list and you’re not valuing it.

12) INCONSISTENCY = undervalue what you got.

U r undervaluing what you got and because of that u r in consistent.

If you don’t value it, you don’t do it enough.


Can we strip down our offers back to basic needs and strip down complexity?

We know complexity and because of that we miss simple.

There’s a lot of $ out there, are you taking advantage or are you doubting yourself?


This holiday season is anticipated to be one of the biggest ever- get your promotions in order- people are buying online.

15) Momentum

15.1) Are you taking the next 6 months to set yourself up for life?

15.2) Get intense with your teams, there’s a lot of abundance and fear going on at the same time out there

Execute. Focus. Batten down hatches. Take advantage.

Get intentional. Get purposeful.

15.3) Avoid advancing and retreating out there.

15.4) Know your values, what you’re good at and how you help people- this is the time to lead!

15.5) Your perfectionist attitude will burn you out in the next few years, whereas your consistency and authenticity will win you more than ur perfectionism.

And that consistency will also make you good!

15.6) As soon as u see something jump on it.

15.7) U think ur waiting for a breakthrough- NO- doing it and moving forward that’s the breakthrough.

15.8) Start building the new thing for ur biz, and it’s ok if it’s sloppy and messy.

Always be building towards lifestyle.


16.1) Put a fire in your heart.

16.2) Show up more.

16.3) Set the vision for the day.

16.4) Push your people more.

16.5) Challenge your people more.


Your goal is to be focused on marketing campaigns and funnels because you can watch, scale, turn it up, turn it down.

PR is not a predictable , whereas marketing funnels are.

A CEO doesn’t focus on crapshoot strategies, they should focus on predictable and scalable campaigns.

18) Promotion Calendar- Give Yourself An Early Xmas Gift

Content schedule stick to your regular schedule.

Themes you can use- Lifestyle and business planners, blueprints.

18.1) Nov 15th- Dec. 5th- $97-997 price range is good here.

Launch 1 Big Thing

Take something you got and give a deal on it.

Sales and Deals work well at this time.

Give midnight bonuses, don’t close down, launch and give the deal and give bonuses at midnight

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, use midnight deals versus closing down.

Use 72-48-24 hour countdowns to Dec.5th.

Scarcity doesn’t need to be time based it can be bonus based.

The sale goes for 2 weeks but you got little bumps along the way

Jeans on sale today.

Tops on sale today. etc.

18.2) Dec.5th- 27th-

Give awesome content- no sales.

If you push a product make it a single decision offer like a planner, a tool.

Low price products best in this period.

Dec. 10th-25th people don’t like getting marketed too, unless they raised their hand:

Ex: goal setting for NY and they said I’m in.

18.3) Dec. 27th- Jan 5th- $$$$

$97-997- since they spent a lot of money at this point.

Promote the best of what you got. All Access

Offer yearly at the time- commit to whole year for yourself.

Theme- start ur year strong. What makes their dreams come true.

Be aspirational, make ur dreams come true this year, be a visionary, ask what’s their big dream right now. See larger vision for you and ur brand.

Go live and teach it.

Dec.31st and Jan 1st- offer a bonus to buy then.

They are browsing big time on Jan 1st (hung over) chilling.

Offer last notice at 8pm.

18.4) Jan 5th- 15th- Downsell time

Theme- if you waited too many years, too many january’s and ur still waiting- now is the time to end that waiting.

Not everyone has a big list, but everyone has a choice to decide who they speak too.

19) Leadership, Movement & Communication

19.1) What is the next level of service to provide for your customers?

Shock and Awe

Better onboarding


19.2) Are you communicating the way you know you can?

19.3) If you want to charge more, you need to be more purposeful and pick your marks of how you challenge, teach, lead and what’s the movement you are going to start and lead?!

Ex: At-homepreneurs

19.4) If u aren’t leading a movement- ur still playing small.

19.5) What recurring themes, catch phrases and images do you have to own?

19.6) What’s the deeper, larger conversation you need to start with your audience?

You can’t miss the larger conversation.

Leaders are always describing and talking about the next big thing and giving people an access pt. To those things.

Your role is to access the movement and leadership conversations.

20) Goal Setting

20.1) A task is not a goal.

Launch a book is a task

Lead a movement of 1,000 people who want to be visionaries is.

20.2) Top 3 Goals for 2019

20.3) Top 2-3 Needs for 2019

What you need help with.

What can create a domino effect.

20.4) “You always need to be building the biz you want, not repairing the one you got.” ~ Brendon

Sometimes you don’t fix it, you stop it, and start new.

Most of the time you need help on something you didn’t know.

People are not urgent in asking for help with small stuff and the big stuff.

20.5) What do you need to stay on your A-Game?

What are ur high performance practices to stay on A-game?

What’s the next level of practice you need.

Everyone can maintain, but ur not here for that.

21) Launches: Total Product Blueprint Launch


22) An ugly launch is better than no launch.


23) You gotta commit to dates and have ur dates on a calendar.

24) OVO- optin-value-offer

Always launch to ur list first, test, work out kinks, then go to affiliates.

If they are on ur list- go straight to value video

25) Theme of training- IISOA

“If I Started over again…”

The #1 thing I would do…

But ended up teaching 5.

Ask yourself, “If you had one thing to teach ur audience what would it be?”

Ex: start with a subscription campaign- teach 5 ways to do it.

26) You can forecast $, you have a budget, you can plan a lifestyle, have recurring revenue and predictability.

27) 3 videos to kickstart a subscription

-Sales video

-Welcome video

-60-minute training video

-Offer Annual upsell

Very tactical don’t teach theory


They need to see themselves doing it.

28) OVO Landing Page

  • The #1 thing I would do if I started over again…
  • Value page- the top 5 things.
  • Offer page- two options
  • Summary Page- with video and link
  • Sales page with video and long form copy and details of offer.

SUGGESTION- video and summary page, with a link to “get full details” that opens up the full copy.

Offer midnight bonuses

29) Go Live – send to your list “I’m going live”


  • 40 min teaching
  • 30 min selling
  • 10 min teach
  • 10 min selling


  • 20 min video where you take the teaching pts and selling pts. And condense them.
  • Doesn’t do as well as LIVE
  • Send it out to get engagement and framing and positioning.


  • Straight up sales video
  • They pushed LIVE video forward in the sequence.
  • Make the copy of everything from emails and video very emotional and motivational, advise them to start their dreams.

Do something for your family

Believe in yourself

Start to do something for others

Follow what’s in ur heart.

30) Email Copy

30.1) Engaged with story

30.2) Motivate them to sales

30.3) Get them emotionally saying yes

30.4) Have more of a I’m giving advice feel.

30.5) Have a more feminine feel, and nurture them.

Let’s get u out of ur head and into ur heart.

What if all u have learned and been through could change people, save lives…

I’ll show you how…

Subj: decisive not distracted.

You have to invest in yourself to see growth.

30.6) 10 emails in total,

Layer in social driving to optin and/or sales page.

Have ads driving so they are seeing u everywhere.

You gotta get the art and magic in the last 5 emails as 80-90% of sales come here in the last 72 hours.

To boost it go live everyday on IG and FB talking about ur launch and drive to the offer.

The last 5 emails

1 email to sales video without sales copy

1 email to 72 hour mention

1 to 48 hour

1 to 24 hour

1 to last call.


*Teach them how to make the decision and teach them how to think about life.

You can’t wade right into the system, you need to teach them how to think and choose.

We have to meet people more in their life and not just in what we teach.

STORY- how my journey and 1 course turned my life around.

Think about the stories you can use as u storyboard the launch across the sequences.


48 hour added a bonus

24 hour added a bonus

33) MISC

33.1) Bots- that dirve to optin, live and click this to join us.

33.2) Text Message- to create engagement and drive to optin and live.

33.3) Watch Parties- check them out.

34) DATA:

Versus a replay send to a summary video

Warm traffic 40% optin

Cold traffic 18-20%

Sales video 2-6% (sales will suck without a deadline)

Sales page conversion # is the critical stat everything else can be explained away.

35) 10 Day Movement Challenges are back in

35.1) Use leadership and transformative language- make it sound like something big is happening. IG stories are pumping them up.

35.2) Begin date – go live on social for 10 days and u teach and enroll people

35.3) 10 days prior to launch go live and talk about ur challenge to get people to optin and register 4 challenge.

  • The people who optin get the tools, videos, etc.
  • Use two cameras one for IG and one for FB

35.4) 10 days of delivering on challenge.

  • Day 1 to end of challenge email ur list, tell them what ur teaching, add story and the links to get them used to clicking.
  • Day 6-10 offer comes in and link to sales page- more tools and deeper training.
  • Ur enthusiasm and confidence r the juice!

35.5) Do a 10 day challenge every quarter for 2019.

Draw out 20 boxes, pick a topic for 20 days

  • Click the link in the post to register.
  • 10 days of live where u seed something to sell after 5 days.
  • Make it a low tier product under $97.

35.6) Give your challenge a hashtag.

  • Have everyone use that hashtag
  • Send email reminding them to use #
  • Click link in bio and get my course.

35.7) Once u get a winner challenge run it again.

35.8) These are great list builders

35.9) Tell great stories in the emails

35.10) Give tools for optin

35.11) Drive them to value videos that engage them

35.12) Write long love letters to your list-

  • Stories like ur first sale, day u had a breakthrough, scenes from your life that were meaningful, what makes u stand out is the longform emails
  • They get to know u better in longform emails

35.13) Last 5 days celebrate the people and take screenshots of people joining and share it with ur IG stories

35.14) When the challenge ends the offer ends.

  • You can go 4 days over with a countdown deadline.
  • Make people feel like they are graduating
  • Give email list 72 hour countdown.
    • Only those of u who officially joined get 72 hours to take next steps, I closed it on social.
    • Offer page can be cloned so u have the one with the deadline for the email list.
  • If you add prizes make it a 14 day challenge.
  • IG go to search bar and look through challenges
  • 20-30 min videos
    • Take those videos and drive to IG TV and Youtube.
  • Once challenge is over, take it down.
  • Once challenge is over take the list and direct them to a new offer from your product suite.
    • Add value teaching them 2-3 new things and then segway to new offer
      • Challenge them to develop a deeper practice

36) Re-engagement Campaigns

If engagement is low on ur list send to an optin

If engagement is high send right to a challenge

Don’t send to list 4x like on social

Challenges are great re-engagement campaigns

  • You bought subscription

Ist upsell is annual

2nd upsell is midtier product $97-$297

  • They didn’t buy subscription

Downsell $1 trial

Next offer mintier

Level 2 Day:

37) U never know what message is going to hit

Your calling is only limited by the lifestyle preferences you want.


38) What knocks HPers off their game is burn out.

  • Unfortunately HPers can function at a high level until it knocks them off the rails.
  • You lose touch with spouse, family, etc.

39) The social media algorthims have constrained our audiences to people who are just like us, and that limits the availability to diversity of opinion.

We are struggling with the discourse in the world.

  • We are going to help the world by helping them have better conversations not just by helping them achieve their goals.
  • Very few people are doing it articulately and consistently with authenticity and collaboration.
  • Be the uniter!
  • People are making the conscious choice of who to follow and who to unfollow, they will stick with the leaders who are creating relevant and interesting conversations that are difficult to have but necessary to do.

40) Start surrounding yourself very intentionally right now.

  • Do a deep analysis and segmentation of who you want around you.
  • Purge your peer group.
    • The filter process is important today, you need the right people around you.
    • You can’t have a hodgepodge of people, u need a group that is able to navigate the changes the world is going to go through.
  • What’s the community you lead going to create and go change the world with?
  • What’s the community you need to create to go serve the world?

41) Everything needs to be architecting towards mission, movement, and recognition.

  • We can’t just optimize what we have, we have to think ahead, otherwise you’re going to get leap frogged.

42) AI- is coming in 5 years. AI will be a new competition, not just other people. Siri could be ur competition in future.

  • PD even got commoditized with Siri, IG and anyone with a phone.
  • Shoot your FAQs in ur space, they will take your content to build ur avatar.

43) Be prepared for the pivot and have $ in ur warchest to make the pivot.

If ur industry gets replaced can u pivot?

  • Ensure ur self against the future and think ahead.
  • Luxury level is going to do pro level business.
    • Tesla vs. Honda Accord
      • Accord will still be there, just valued less.

44) Valuation

  • You can get 4x-8x multiple if you have 60% recurring revenue in ur business.
  • We have to think valuation not just revenue.
  • Clean up books, document things so banks can see clear lines.
  • “How are you going to manage a movement if u can’t manage ur books?”

45) *Team needs quarterly goals, plan for growth and know the activities to grow the biz.

46) Decisions get easier, especially with big decisions when you have $.

      • Scaling is easy when u have a strategy and $.
      • Have the financial income to dream.

47) Hard to see the future and stay in it when ur in financial distress, you gotta deal with today.

48) PSYCHOLOGY: Get them to believe in the dream, then show them the basic models, and then see the future.

  • #1 concern is how are you going to become a part of ur tribe’s everyday.
  • How do u create tools, systems, practices that let u show up everyday in ur clients life.
  • Think about the lifestyle ur trying to create for u audience and name it.
  • Ex: HPX Life- High Performance Experience Life
  • Ex: the freedom lifestyle, the fitnesspreneur’s life, the visionary way.


  • Ads, funnels and outbound sales- first 3 to hire.
        • As soon as u figure out how to make the process work, hand it off to someone else.
  • Order to hire in:
        • Funnels and Follow Up (Kajabi guy)
        • Ads- someone who runs ads to funnels
        • Social Media- content creation, scheduling and posting
        • Customer Service
        • Content Manager- YT, FB, IG, blog, etc.
        • Phone Sales- outbound, scheduling, calls, etc.
          • When u have a switch hitter give them the $ of hours they should be spending on each role.
          • Give them key objectives and results u want to track.
          • Team is about rhythm of goals, systems, communication and content releases. And accountability.
            • TEAM REPORTING:
              • 1. Challenges
              • 2. How did u contribute to growth.
              • 3. What do u need for next week from me?
              • 4. Questions u have.
              • 5. Wins for the week.
              • 6. What’s something great u saw in a teammate
              • 7. What have u seen from another influencer or students that impressed you.
                • Champion students in social and email community.
    • Re-engagement of list-
      • Take disengaged list and sprinkle it within ur engaged list.
      • Segment them and send value video over 3-5 days so it increases ISP.
      • Create a click list (new engaged list)
        • Have you ghosted me?
        • Are you breaking up with me?
      • Always email engaged list first.
      • Then send to disengaged list (over 6-7 days)
      • Do this for 2 months.
        • Disengaged – not open.
        • Disengaged- didn’t click.
      • Reply strategy- Hey <name>, please reply back to this email, I got something to send you, is this best place, etc.
      • Send to optin page to re-engage.
      • Have they bought something, run ads to them to optin back in.
      • If they bought, clicked in 60 days or opened.
      • After all this just delete out.

50) TOOLS:

  • Sony A6500 or A7500, get the 3.5 lens 16min50
  • Neewer- external screen
  • YouTube Gear List
  • Mic-AudioTechnica ATR 2100
    • U need 4k gear to prepare for what’s coming.
  • Meet Edgar- for posting

51) BOOKS:

  • Artful Mediation
  • Powerful, Patti McCord
  • The Culture Code, Dan Coil
  • Bold, Peter Diamendez


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