3 Must Do Things Successful Coaches and Trainers Do To Make More Money & Get More Clients

Uncategorized May 31, 2019

Hey, Vito here!

Is there anything better than seeing your client get fit and healthy?

That feeling of making sure they’re getting the best results and living their best lives wherever they go in their communities is a great one.

Imagine if there was a connection between hoping for the best in your clients’ lives and making money. The more you hope, the more money you make. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The sad reality facing many fit pros today is that it’s getting harder and harder for people in the industry to make a decent living.

According to IDEA, the average personal trainer makes less than $42,000/year and the average Group X Instructor makes $18,000/year.

In this article you’re going to learn how to earn more money in your fitness business by following my Trifecta of Fitness strategy.

Tough to raise a family, enjoy life, invest in your self or business with that kind of money.

Many fit pro’s struggle and the truth is, they don’t have to. Many live on the brink of going broke, where just one emergency, one lost client, one unexpected bill could be what puts them behind the eight ball of financial struggle and that isn’t right.

Because here’s the truth…we truly mean well, we have huge hearts trying to change lives…so why aren’t more fit pro’s killing it out there?

It’s my sincere belief that too many trainers just aren’t doing the things they need to create the lives they deserve. Their own way of thinking might be getting in the way of their success. They might have certain ideas or even hang-ups in their heads. Those things can block them from ever achieving any meaningful financial and time freedom.

Yikes, is that you? I hope not!

I’ve isolated three things that successful trainers need to do to avoid the fate of those fit pros that are falling by the wayside.

If I can be real with you, there are so many gyms, studios, and franchises, popping up everywhere that it’s becoming a saturated mess.

Not to mention, the new programs, apps, and boot camps that are out there now.

As a result, many of you will find your career (and income) drying up and blowing away…unless you act now to differentiate yourself from the masses of trainers everywhere.

I hear it all the time from trainers and fitness professionals about how they want to grow their business. Which is great. But, it’s not exactly step 1.

Let me explain, most of you have a few clients, you got a few referrals, and you have a little business going of about 5-10 clients that you got because of who you are and your warm circles.

Before you worry about growing more, you need to nail down your programs where they are so good, that you would be willing to put a money back guarantee on them, you know you can replicate getting results for every Jane, Joe and Jill that comes in.

That means your training programs need to have a methodology, a system, a process that can be duplicated so that when you get clients you get them results, and they want to stay with you.

The biggest way to lose money or struggle in training is to get clients, and then lose them.

You will always be living with one finger in the leaking ship that is your income.

That’s why step 1 of my FITNESSpreneur’s Step formula, FORTIFY RETENTION.

If you miss this step as a trainer or business owner – you’re going to be constantly struggling to get more clients, have clients stay with you and you will never be a trusted resource or expert that people come looking for.

Fortify Retention has to be the #1 area addressed by any fit pro before they even move on to worry about things like marketing, nurturing a brand, scaling and automating, and living a lifestyle.

If you don’t have a solid program with all the proper elements that can on a consistent basis, day in and day out, get results, you’ll lose clients.

Most of us need to provide body transformation results, since the need to provide reliable weight loss to a growing obesity epidemic is only growing in demand.

Just being able to improve your programs, challenges, and weight loss systems so you don’t lose clients who are not getting results, and so that you get more referrals because the talk around town how your weight loss programs rock, can drastically improve your take home income.

It’s not hard, as a matter of fact, to fortify retention I’ve come up with a simple proven formula that combines the science you need, AND it also will increase your income by cashing in on stuff you’re already doing but just not getting paid for properly.


The Trifecta of Fitness is designed to help you work less and earn more by getting your clients better results.

My experience has proven that the trainers that do these things become successful. Because we have to move beyond simply training clients. Getting results is what it’s all about. But what if they don’t get the results they want? It’s pretty deflating, right?

If they leave you, oh man, does that sting! It’s like being broken up with!

Clients who don’t get results will leave and losing clients will be the death of your business. Period.

No business means no money for you and your family. Now your family’s struggling, your future’s uncertain, and you’re wondering why you even got into this business in the first place.

And the people who said this is not a “real job” look like they were right and we know that’s BS!

So, what do you do?

You need to streamline your programs, apply the Trifecta so that you can catch up to the greatness that you are destined for.

Without a stable income, you can’t afford an adequate level of freedom. There’s no growth. There’s no vacation. There’s certainly no big comfortable house. How do you grow a business in such an uncertain climate? All that stress!

I’ve got the answer and, by the time you finish reading this, you will, too.

Building the right business model relies on you being able to build the proper programs and get paid more!

I want you to trim the fat and let go of some of the limiting thoughts that have no place in your future. Put them on a bus or something. Send them out of town. Hit the road, jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more…

The pieces of the Trifecta I show you will fit together to hold up your business against any Big Bad Wolf that threatens it like the brick house did for the 3rd little piggy.

Each piece will support the other in improving their results and stabilizing your income. This way you’re able to be in your clients’ lives more effectively and you’ll be able to make the kind of money that will ensure you and your family’s future.

Your clients are going to become your fans that will love you like the Beatles. I’m telling you, they will tear off your clothes, they’re going to love you that much. Okay, maybe not that crazy, but close.

What I’m offering are tried and true business and programming principles. This is foundational stuff that’s bound to help you no matter your experience or level of knowledge.

So I’d like to begin by having you shift your mindset altogether. I’m going to introduce you to a word that too many people in our industry don’t like. Are you ready? Here it is…


Did you run off screaming? Okay, good, you’re still here.

I don’t know what it is about selling that turns even the toughest guys into piles of mush that put fingers in their ears, saying “la la la” like something’s wrong with them.

What’s wrong with selling?

The world revolves around selling. People buy things. Or they steal them. Those are the only two options we have to get the things that we need. People need what you have.

Don’t let your distaste for selling handcuff your potential in this industry.

I’ve heard every excuse in the book and all I can say is that every excuse that I’ve ever heard is a weak one. I’d rather be making real money and living the kind of life that provides for my family, then hold on to weird hang-ups about selling and not making money. It’s just weird.

And you better gut check yourself, figure out where that weird hang-up came from or risk your future success.

I guess some people feel like they don’t want to be perceived as too “salesy.” But what you’re selling is a transformation, something that actually helps your customers. Isn’t that the point? Isn’t that why your client came to you? Imagine if a doctor didn’t prescribe something because he didn’t want to seem pushy. What?

You’re here to help the people who came to you for help. So help them! Provide them with quality choices and results oriented programs so they can get to better versions of themselves in the healthiest way. And get paid well to do it! Shatter this limiting money belief. It’s what’s keeping you broke or not making the money you deserve.

We are health care today, get paid that way.

The world is made up of buyers and sellers in everything that we do. So don’t let some weird hang-up of yours be the reason that you don’t transform your life and the lives of your clients.

Everyday people get sick and remain unfit. Millions of people do not have access to professionals, like you, who can guide them to a healthier lifestyle. Please, don’t martyr yourself with the “I’m not a salesperson” routine. Want to make money? Want to help people? Sell what you offer or step aside.

Besides, has anyone ever gotten mad at someone else for making their lives better? I didn’t think so.

“Hey, those meal replacement shakes and that 21 Day Slimdown you sold me is really helping me get fit and healthy. I hate you!” said no one ever.

So I hope we’re straight on that point. You’re a salesperson and always have been. When you’re dazzling clients with your knowledge and experience on the floor, guess what? You’re selling! You’re telling them why you should be their trainer instead of the next guy.

So don’t just give them your attention, sell them on the solutions you’re offering. The more, the merrier. This is what changes lives.

I know what I’m talking about because when I started in this industry, I operated like most trainers do.

You should have seen me. Before the sun was up, there I was. Well past when the sun went down, there I was, still. Clocking in. Clocking out. Working weekends. Day after day. Why? You know the answer to that. Because as trainers you only make money when you’re on the floor.

That’s a big old common mistake. Cue the Donna Summers. “She works hard for that money…nah, nah…nah, nah!”

Trading your hours for dollars is exhausting (this is something you gotta stop doing as quick as you can). It’s dangerous and, let’s face it; it doesn’t put your clients on any real sort of path to success. I’m referring to just training alone.

Let’s get real here…we don’t live with our clients. We don’t know what they do when they leave the gym or studio. What they do when they leave is probably what all of us do. A bit of some good stuff. Maybe some bad. Hey, they’re human. But, that’s where the wheels come off the bus in their pursuit of results.

The inconsistencies that I was seeing with my clients was rubbing me the wrong way. I hate to see anyone fail and I was determined to figure out what was going wrong. It turns out; the answer was in front of me all along.

I put my nose to the grindstone. When something doesn’t feel right, I turn into Sherlock Holmes. I was determined to figure this out. When I put this all together, my life changed forever.

Back then when I figured this out, I owned a studio for ten years, built a solid team, and ended up helping thousands of people lose weight and keep that weight off when I added up the three components of the Trifecta.

Using this trifecta, I have changed the lives of countless trainers and fit pros. The business model is out there and has a proven track record that works.

Let me humblebrag and tell you that I have yet to see anything that can even touch the trifecta of fitness when it comes to fortifying retention and helping people bust through their body transformation desires.

The trifecta obviously has three parts.

It starts with training, it continues with nutrition coaching and it concludes with personal development and accountability coaching. Those are the three parts.

Looking at these pieces individually will help you understand the big picture. So here we go!

Trifecta Element #1- Training

Let us begin in our wheelhouse. Does that sound kosher? Take it easy! This is the part we all know too well.

Training is the backbone of what we do. It’s the part we understand because our knowledge comes fundamentally from our interest in the human body and how it works.

But don’t rely on training by itself. It doesn’t exist separately from the other two parts of the trifecta. They all work in concert with each other like a great jam band. So dig deeper. Ask yourself what your client is really looking for. They want to get fit, yes, but why? More importantly, how?

These are essential questions that will help you go beyond what your typical trainer does. Because you have the other components of the trifecta to work with, you’re not trying to only get in a ton of sessions.

Your job is to get them fit, and today with how much has changed online, social media, apps, streaming video, and the growing multi-media solutions available, you can get the job done with more tools than just personal training.

You must understand that your value to your client lies with getting them fit, not just getting them in front of you.

Once you understand what they want and how they want to get there, you can offer specialized training and programs to meet those needs.

A client’s attempt at fat loss provides the perfect example of what happens when you concentrate solely on training. When people come to you in order to lose weight, they are looking for solutions.

Unfortunately, what can happen is that during the sessions, they may present a version of themselves that they want you to see and approve of. It’s like when you brush your teeth before going to the dentist. You want to show that you’re not completely off the rails. Hey, look at me I’m a responsible human being.

But the true results only come when there’s a whole commitment to the program no matter where they are. Training don’t mean squat unless there’s an attempt to change a person’s lifestyle and habits to reflect the goals when they go off on their own.

You can’t expect any results if you work out and then go home to eat a bunch of processed junk that completely offsets whatever good work you did.

Despite everything you’ve learned about the human body (and I’m assuming that’s a lot), you know that just focusing on training and not modifying someone’s habits and behavior will put you somewhere in the range of a 1% success rate. That’s terrible. That’s demoralizing. That’s no way to build a business. Imagine an airline whose flights were on-time only 1% of the time! Actually, I think this happens at a few of them…

So let’s understand that just doing sessions with a client isn’t helping anyone or enough people. It isn’t going to make you any real money, and it isn’t going to produce consistent results for your clients or for your income.

Because of those two things, it isn’t the way to build a business either.

But, here comes the blue ocean strategy that will turn your client’s results and your income right around!

Enter a world that many fit pros would rather not, to their own detriment.

That’s the world of nutrition!

Trifecta Element #2- Nutrition

Once upon a time, the world of nutrition, nutrition products and nutrition coaching was seen as beyond the scope of what trainers were supposed to do.

This in itself wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. We knew less about nutrition and its effects on our bodies back then and many trainers simply couldn’t be (or shouldn’t have been) trusted with helping guide what people put in their bodies.

Oh, how times have changed.

Nutrition coaching has become as important a focus (if not more important) as training sessions at major world conferences, because without it, we can’t get to the real root of why America and much of the world is struggling with obesity – their habits, behaviors and food choices.

I remember around 2006 when I went back to the grind to figure out why my clients weren’t getting the results they wanted. I knew it was because they couldn’t be in the gym all the time and without someone watching over their shoulder, they’d take any opportunity to avoid the healthy habits that they needed to have. Again, we’re all human and we’re all looking for the simplest and easiest way to live.

And truth be told, it’s the mindset issues people struggle with, the time management issues, the life issues, the processed food choices that have people living in a nutritionally starved state even when they are eating a ton because most food today lacks any quality nutrients to feed the body so it constantly feels hungry.

So when I discovered the value of nutritional coaching, I paused. I knew this sort of stuff was supposed to be “beyond the scope” of what we normally do. But rather than give up, I decided to see what was available to do within the scope itself.

And lo and behold, it turned out that you could help your clients with nutrition so long as you didn’t diagnose or prescribe anything to them. So I focused on helping my clients develop clean eating habits and improved behavior.

Early on, I tried things like metabolic testing, and complicated meal plans dissected down to the tiniest macronutrient. But, as much as I wanted them too, most clients didn’t follow those plans. They were just too busy, they needed simpler solutions than what I was giving them.

Early on, I was part of the problem, because I didn’t pause to think that my clients were not me and that they had no desire to count every calorie or live in the world of macros as if the human body ever actually eats that way. They just wanted something they could do that the rest of the family could as well.

What happened next essentially defined my rise in the fitness industry. Working with Beachbody, and using simple solutions for better eating like Shakeology, we brought nutrition cooaching and products into our programs to start rounding them out more which in essence amplified the results and revenues to new levels and, more importantly, made serious strides in our battle against obesity. The results were significant. I couldn’t have been prouder of my team. And not a single person ever said, “oh damn you sales people for helping me get better results.”

Since then we’ve stopped behaving like a bunch of know-it-all trainers and realized that, fitness professionals are the perfect people to give nutritional coaching when we keep it simple. And when done right, a smart nutritional plan of attack can compliment a workout with even greater results.

Best part is, nutritional products also give you an easy off the floor income that can bring in a residual income. We talk more about this in Step 3 of The Fitnesspreneur Formula, Top Up Your Income.

Trust me once you do this, the gates have opened and believe me, there is no going back. We know more. We understand more. So we help more.

The biggest problem these days is the number of fit pros that still refuse to get on board with nutritional coaching and offering nutritional products. That boggles my mind!

Why leave results and money on the table?

People are going to get their nutritional supplements from somewhere. Let them get them from you!

They’re probably buying crap with artificial flavors and ingredients, offer them something better.

You’re probably already talking to your clients about what to eat, when, and how. Problem is you’re just not getting paid for it. Change that one thing, and you can change your financial freedom.

But, don’t leave it to chance that your clients are also learning about nutrition habits and behaviors, work it into your programs. You want to feel less salesy about offering products, plug them and the nutritional lessons into the actual program. When we started teaching daily lessons, created checklists and systems we were able to scale teaching our clients about nutrition and also grow our revenue and package the products as a part of the program they needed to get results. That’s how you educate your clients versus sell them.

Here’s some simple math to illustrate my point.

If you help your struggling clients that skip breakfast (which we know is a huge reason they are stuck) develop the habit of eating breakfast by teaching them how a quality meal replacement can be prepared in under 2 minutes and they can be out the door and finally feeding their bodies, they win, and so does your business.

When a client adopts a nutrition solution like a meal replacement they need it everyday, and every month. So once you’ve introduced the product they will keep buying it each month. You won’t have to keep selling them on it. Do the work once and get paid for it over and over again. That’s residual income that is also something we like to teach called Off the Floor Income, which is money that comes in without having to train more hours on the floor. So, it comes in whether you are on vacation, sick or traveling.

In 2010 when we brought Shakeology on, we had 138 clients, and within a few months had 60 of them using it regularly that was an additional $1800/month in residual income. Would that benefit your life?

There’s no reason not to bring these products and programs to your customers. It builds trust, creates value, and shows that you’re on top of your client’s entire regimen.

Trifecta Element #3- Personal Development & Accountability

Ok, we know training and nutrition are key. But, let’s dig deeper and discuss what we can’t ignore – that if a person’s thinking is stinking, they will always quit, give up, struggle because they will get in their own way because their mindset is as unhealthy as their body.

One of the biggest additions we made to all of our programming that has elevated the results and retention of our clients and that has become the base that supports the Trifecta of Fitness; is adding personal development and accountability to all of our programs. Each of our programs now come with lessons on confidence, productivity, high performance, motivation, dealing with doubts, making choices, and on and on. We teach people to believe in themselves and because of that, they stay longer and grow to move into our higher end coaching programs, where we can charge top dollar as they pursue higher goals.

As far as accountability, that’s basically a fancy word that simply means creating an environment that supports your client’s habits outside the gym. They need this to stay on track and you need to provide it for them.

Most people do not have a solid support structure at home, at work or in their social circles and this sabotage is killing their potential and your programs.

You need to eliminate that factor so your programs can get the results you promise.

Setting them up with the right accountability programs generates and maintains a motivational environment for your client. Two to six hours of workouts in a week still leaves over a hundred and sixty hours to be off their game.

But if you put an accountability system and environment in place for them, you dramatically increase the chances for them to keep the weight off. Why?

There are lots of complicated psychological reasons for this, but essentially we don’t like to look bad in front of others. When we do things we know we shouldn’t, we slink off into the shadows. We sit at home and eat buckets of ice cream and binge watch Netflix. Hey, don’t get me wrong, that’s a lot of fun, but it won’t help you lose weight.

In turn, by creating a program system with multiple touch points that stay on top of a client’s progress, you get somewhere. I’m talking about a way for your customers to connect with you and get the support they need. A system that keeps track of how one does and measures the progress being made is key to maintaining the weight loss or any other program. Otherwise, what are we doing?

We’ve built a mobile app using the Vimify software, that houses all our content, creates a private community for each challenge, program and even our brand. This way they have a place to congregate and get coaches on their phones and outside the studio.

The real world, you know the world outside the gym, is a mean place (especially during the winter!) A harsh world means that people struggle. By giving clients a way to examine their progress, you’re really changing the game for them. You’re indicating, “I’m here for you and always will be.”

Any person, I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, will look upon this as an added value. People like to feel special, and nothing is more special than having your very own trainer who’s looking out for you even when you’re away from the gym.

It’s a social media world and people want to connect with you more, and when you meet them where they are on their phones, busy in their day, you can improve the compliance of your programs which again comes right back to better results, more retention and more referrals from happy clients.

That’s what personal development and accountability means to me and it’s just as important a component as the first two.

Armed with training, nutrition and accountability, you have the ability to establish a strong business that you can bank on.

This simple, but revolutionary, trifecta of fitness works. By incorporating it into your business, you’re positioning yourself as an industry leader. You’ll be trailblazing ahead of the pack and leaving those trainers, who are stuck on just training, well behind.

Wrap Up & Action Steps

This trifecta, simply put, changes the way you transform your clients’ lives. The impact will be immediate and visible. Weight loss, better health, and a general feeling of positivity awaits your clients.

Rev up your business by putting my trifecta of fitness into action. And when you do, be sure to let us know what kind of an impact it has on your business.

I’m sure that the life you’ve always dreamed is just waiting for you to come and take it. Don’t be among the growing number of former trainers that never got a handle on the industry. Ride my trifecta into the Fitnesspreneur’s Life!


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