The Three Stages Of Fitnesspreneur


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There are three stages to the Fitnesspreneur Life and where you choose to reside within those levels will determine the how far you’ll succeed in the fitness industry. Choose your future from these three stages.

Stage One: The classic trainer technician

This is where we all start. We work with clients and do our sessions or classes. Maybe you’re really good at running sessions.

But let’s be honest, how much can you make doing this? There’s only one of you and a mere twenty-four hours in a day. Worst of all, you’ll top out at how much you can make hourly.

Do you really want to be at the mercy of your clients’ lifestyles and schedules?

If you insist on just being a trainer, make sure that you’re not wholly dependent on your physical presence. Package your sessions as mobile programs, either on an app or on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Also add nutrition training and programs.

Stage Two: Classic Studio Owner

Want to own your own business? It feels great, but stop and look at the whole picture.

Being THE boss is exhausting. It’s risky and adds a huge amount of stress to your life. Believe me.

I’ve seen lots of people go underwater and suffer greatly from crushing debt.

To do well at this, you have to love marketing and business. Word of mouth isn’t enough. You have to generate new people walking through your doors.

MLM is a great way to offset the costs. Bring aboard trusted trainers who can sell your services and you’ll create a supportive ecosystem of people who truly want to move beyond the traditional model.

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