who knew that a rock and a bush could be so painful

A week and half ago…about 3 hours before one of my high end biz coaching clients was coming to the house for ½ day Vision in the Vineyards retreat, I get a text message from Billy, the owner of Stage Ranch, the company that’s planting a couple acres of vineyard on our property in Temecula and he says… …”there seems to be a water main break on the slope and you got water washing away the slope.”…

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How To Build A Personal Brand In 10-minutes [VIDEO]

  I just got back from Todd Durkin’s 3.5 day mentorship and think I struck a chord with something peeps in the fitness industry are wanting- their own online personal brand and to be at-home fitnesspreneurs more often than not. People want more time with family. Unfortunately the trainer ‘hours’ and studio ‘schedule’ are not aligned with that vision. TD and I at Todd Durkin’s 3.5 day mentorship (with my ankle bummed up) 😉…

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4 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand in 10 Minutes

  You can start designing a personal brand in 4 big bucket steps. Of course there are dozens of little moves underneath these but, these large steps are the foundation of kickstarting the vision for your brand. Many people today simply don’t see the path and don’t believe they can be their own personal brand. Yet, as W.C Field said, “All of us have to learn…

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Give Yourself The Gift Of Choice This Year

I want to give you a gift this year. I can’t wrap it. I can’t mail it. I can only point to it. You will be responsible for giving this gift to yourself. I will shine the light on its importance and hope that you find this and carry it into each and every year.

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Don’t Overvalue Being Interesting Versus Being Meaningful

Today, with social media as one of the major strategies for growing your brand, we are slipping into giving too much weight to false metrics, such as views, likes, and traffic.   This is dangerous thinking. Inaccurate to be exact. The fight for more likes, views and traffic shouldn’t be your top priority. Time is precious and you gotta know where to spend it. Money, sales = business. The rest = ego, delusion, and no…

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6 Steps to Create a More Ideal Business or Brand

  You can create an ideal business on your terms. You just need some steps. A plan. Just like your clients need a plan to improve their fitness systematically, you need a better plan to build your ideal business. When I was sitting taking my NASM test ages ago, I don’t remember there being a single question about how to build a business. I wish there was. I believe more people would be successful if we started…

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6 Proven Steps To Get Your Productivity Up Like a MoFo

“You can build a dream in just 15 minutes.” – Craig Ballantyne Remember when you were a kid and an hour seemed like an eternity? I remember sitting staring at the clock in school feeling like the big hand never moved and the seconds were days. That could have led to my years of being in detention because I would act out in my boredom. Flash forward decades and…

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The 3 Must-Knows After 60+ interviews With Top Industry Leaders

It’s pretty cool to see where I was 65 episodes ago (almost 3 years later) when I look back at episode #1: The Meaning of the Fitnesspreneur’s Life.   Before you and I go knee deep down memory lane and why this first episode still holds solid truth about what it means to be a fitnessprenuer, I want to share 3 big lessons I learned in creating the…

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The Most Essential Ability In Your Business

Is it ambition? Acquiring customers with ambition is huge, but not essential. You can train ambition. Is it having a great product? Definitely helps but many people have had great products to only go out of business. Is it delivering impressive service? Or having a passion for what you do or sell? Having sufficient capital? For many years I ran my business with almost no capital in reserves. Was it smart or pretty, nope. But, did…

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