How do you process negative reviews?

This is a make or break skill. Knowing how to process negative reviews can make the difference in the level of confidence you have day in and day out, year over year. I’m going to share with you a few key ways to inoculate yourself from negative reviews so even if they come, you can bounce back and keep charging on with the important work you are doing. Let me give you an…

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The Keto Diet, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

What’s the most successful diet? Is it Paleo? Ketogenic? Portion Fix? Mediterranean? Atkins? Grapefruit? Hot Dog? LOL…just checking to see if you’re paying attention. One of my students told me there is a REAL diet out there based around the Hot Dog Diet. We all need to read this article to prevent more of that going on in the world. In all seriousness, crap like grapefruit…

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7 Steps I wish I knew when I started my fitness business

Fit pros and business owners. This applies to you. Would you ever build a fitness program for a newbie without, in some way or other without teaching and including: The Squat. The Push Up. The Crunch. No. You teach those fundamentals as the basics of exercise science. You teach those moves as the principle foundations that all future complex movements are based on. It would be considered bad training, if you didn’t impart these “best bang for…

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Things You Need To Ask Yourself On The Road To Your Dreams

WARNING: You Are Entering The NO FLUFF ZONE! As Thomas Jefferson said, “No one and nothing on Earth can help the man who is, himself, uncommitted to his own independence or accomplishment.” HARSH TRUTH. There are roads to riches. It is NOT an “only the lucky” or “winner takes all” jungle out there. There are well established, well proven, well detailed paths to transformational success and wealth in the fitness industry. There are systems that can scale virtually…

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5 Lessons We All Need To Know From The Defiant Ones

Do you consider yourself defiant? I’m not talking about being rude, or a rebel for rebels sake, or fist in the face of authority without good reason. I mean… Going against the grain because your imagination and art demand going against the norm. Not coalescing to average thinking because everyone else is. Choosing to stand for something that matters in a world where most people accept what is given. I know you are more than…

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7 Ways To Finish What You Start More Often

Are you struggling to stay committed to an intention that you set? Have you: … bought a course, but you never did anything with it? … wanted to create a new product to make more money, yet did nothing? … set to start a routine, like a health routine or a productivity routine, and you got derailed before you even began? You are not alone. We’ve all done it. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be that way.

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The Visionary Guide To The Universe

It’s been brewing. For the last 3 years things have been shifting. I felt it. I was just not unleashing it fully yet. Then like all great things it came first like a quiet evolution, barely noticed, but taking shape planning for the survival of the fittest. And then it came with a giant push like a mother bird pushing her baby out the nest to go fly on it’s own. I USED to be…

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The 5 Freedoms You Deserve As A Fitness Business Owner

I’m going to share some thoughts on how you can choose to be crafting a better dream for your reality. Now more than ever, I believe people are lacking FREEDOM.   Not actual freedom like in the days of slavery, thankfully in most of the modern world we have been given that freedom. I’m talking about a lack of 5 critical freedoms, because as far as I can see people…lack of 5 critical freedoms, because as…

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Three Ways to Get Out of the “Too Expensive Rut”

>>LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON ITUNES OR WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE!<<   Are you getting caught up and stuck in the objection that people say you are too expensive? I hear you! I came from the fitness industry myself and used to hear that all the time. People didn’t want to pay so they didn’t make the commitment and I lost out on the…

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8 Ways You Can Turn your Social Media into Profit

Are you stuck when it comes to Facebook and running your business? Does the social media world have you pissed off at the market, lost, or feeling like you’ll never be able to reach anyone? Make more sales for your business? People often come to me with questions about Facebook: What do I market? How do I market? How can I gain more leads? Should I be doing videos? Does my image matter? Should I run…

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