3 Valuable Lessons On How To Niche Yourself Online

Can you niche yourself online with something as specific as just solving knee pain? You see, when people think about going online, they think what they do hands on, in person is tough to scale online. I’m going to share 3 valuable “how to niche yourself” online lessons, using my one of  guests on the Fitnesspreneur’s Life Show, Bill Parravano, otherwise known as “The Knee Pain Guru.” But, first, have you ever heard…

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The Road to People Freedom

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON iTUNES: CLICK HERE! What if you could replace all of the negative people in your life with those who lift you up? What if you could choose your co-workers the way that you choose your spouse? What if you could pick ‘your people’ instead of being stuck with those who life dealt you? Well, you can. That’s people freedom. It’s something that…

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The 4 BIG Mental Shifts That Separate the Winners From the Rest

To win in the fitness industry, or any for that matter, everything will be mental from this moment forward. I have 4 huge shifts in your mindset you must choose to make, if you are going to thrive versus “get by” in the upcoming years as a member of the fitness industry; that includes trainers, Beachbody coaches, group instructors and studio owners, or any health care professional alike. Every challenge you face, every problem you solve, every single…

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Every Encounter Matters

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Often we think that the first impression is the only thing that matters.  That’s just not true.  The first impression is super important, but so is the second, the third, and every other impression you give your clients. We all want to maximize the impact we make from that very first encounter and every one that comes after so that our people come back for more.  How…

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NORCAL Fitness Summit: Progression in the Business of Fitness

Do you feel the shift? There’s a definite shift going on in the industry where the focus, the word on the street, and the thoughts running in the minds of the people that make up our industry has elevated! I just got back a few weeks ago from presenting at The NorCal Fitness Summit, an event put on by Khaled Elmasri, that dropped some serious trainer business education bombs. I am fired up to share some key takeaways…

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Negative People In Your Life? Here is How To Handle It

Listen to the whole episode on iTunes. Click Here! You know, life is hard enough without negative people dragging you down. Negative people are everywhere– from the grocery store to your job place, it seems that people find a way to bond over being miserable and negative. Even when there isn’t anything to complain about, people find a way to complain because they feel that it helps them to bond with…

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Telling Your Brand’s Story

Some people in this world are forgettable, but every once in awhile, you encounter someone who is unforgettable and they leave you wanting more. I think you know the ones I’m talking about. These are the men and women who help you see things in our world that seemed like they weren’t there before. The latest guest on my podcast, Mike Murphy, the co-creator of the Visionary Planning System, is definitely one of those guys.  When we met, I…

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#1 Reason Most Fitness Businesses Fail

Don’t let the #1 Reason Fitness Businesses Fail Keep you From Doing What You Love If you’re like most personal fitness trainers today, the number one thing you love to do is go out and help people reach their health and fitness goals. At some point, you experienced the benefits of living a healthy, fitness-oriented lifestyle; and it improved your life. You realized you had the knowledge and skills to train others. So you gave it a shot. Are you…

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What Separates The Very Successful from the Average Players in The Fitness Industry?

If you’re not evolving to, thinking through, moving around, over and under these realities, I’m willing to say, you might not be here in 5 years. The financial struggle that is already straining the fitness industry has a lot of you burnt out, getting out, or suffering through their career. It ruins relationships, leads to divorce and estranged, or the very least upset kids on a consistent basis. I believe in a fitness industry WITHOUT financial struggle. But, the only…

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5 Easy Action Steps To Start Your Online Fitness Business Now

Hey, it’s Vito here! I bring important news from…the future! No, I haven’t lost it, but I am excited because the future has arrived and I know that fit pros are perfectly poised to take advantage of it. Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere you have probably noticed how technology has become such an important part of our lives. All of us, every single person, is now carrying with them a computer that’s shaped like a phone that’s…

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