Market You? Market Your Business?

“I am who I am. Your approval isn’t needed.” ~ Jack Nicholson.Amen.Before I get into the badassness of the last month since we’ve seen each other, wait…do we see each other? Or is that just how I like to think of this newsletter  as a way that you get to see me, but without me actually being right in front of you, but somehow, I still am chilling with you on the couch or patio as you read this, or, in the case of the guys in the bathroom. I’m ok with that. I’m having this conversation out loud as I type this and liking this notion. Yes, I want to view every time I send this newsletter out into the world as an opportunity that I get to show up in your life and let you see me so I can better see you. I like how that feels. Not sure if that’s weird, using my imagination too much, or just how I like to picture our relationship so I can be personal with you and always clue you in to make sure you know who you’re dealing with here. I believe, if we’re like friends, we can chat open, honestly, candidly. If we’re like friends we can share tough love with one another and know it’s not personal; it’s us looking out for one another. Sometimes friends need a little tough love to get through things. I believe if we’re friends we can trust one another; and the speed of trust as Steven Covey Jr. coined it, let’s us move a whole lot faster together. In today’s markets speed can make all the difference between being ahead of the curve, or a laggard in the markets. Being a laggard you are picking up scraps. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about picking up scraps. I rather see the FPL Nation, carving out fresh snow on the slopes of the fitness industry!

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Questions for a FIT PRO from a Fitnesspreneur that could change the very direction of your future


I have a bunch of questions for you.  They may change the very direction of your future.

Are you ready to carve out 5 minutes to sit down and read the rest of this blog?

This may not seem like my typical blogs where I love to teach.

This blog is more a PREACH style blog.

My team knows these rants and pulpit talks, so step right in because Fit Pro Mass has commenced, and the eulogy is beginning.

 Fit Pros are always emailing me “I’m struggling, NEED to make more money, want to make more money, not sure if I’m going to survive, I want more lifestyle freedom…”

Yet, when they get on a coaching call and I suggest a list of options of how we can work together, or I show them the path of least resistance, or I share stories of how I got out of that desperation, or how I have coached hundreds of people to get their finances and career into hyper drive – they don’t take action!

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If you’re not creating videos no one is going to know you!Well, maybe not that crazy. But, video is the #1 media that helps people know more about you, connect with you, and get a feel for you.One of my Legacy Builder mastermind members and in my personal opinion top social media educators that also keeps things fun and cool, Scott Rawcliffe, has something to share below I think is worth taking 3 minutes to read on the importance of video. Jump in!

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7 Steps Of Clarity

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Clarity isn’t something you’re born with. It’s a part of life like that can be cultivated.

People only achieve their biggest, brightest goals when they have crystal clear clarity and know these 7 steps.

Jumping right into action sounds like the best strategy (and I’m all for action taking) but, when you can load up these 6 steps prior to it, you get not just action, but you get PRODUCTIVITY and SUCCESS.

Nothing worse than speeding off in the wrong direction.

Plug the following seven tips into your goal action plan and you’ll feel the difference and your work to happiness quotient will skyrocket!

Step 1: Mission Clarity

Have you heard the saying: “Where there is a why, there is a way.”?

It’s easy to put action aside when we lose motivation and inspiration.

But, when what we do is tied to higher purpose than ourselves, we can avoid distraction, doubt and delay more frequently.

That means we stay on track and move towards the goals we set.

Step 2: Goal Clarity

Once you’ve achieved clarity on what the mission of your life’s work is, you’ll need to figure out what milestones make up that journey to get there.

Grab Your Free Worksheet

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Social Media Minute #9: The Full Package Post

Do you want to inspire, express gratitude, build authority, motivate and get people to take action all in one well built social media post?Well you can in one killer post I like to call the Full Package Post.Social media doesn’t have to be hard; it just needs to be learned.

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Connecting With Your Ideal Client

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__________________     SUMMARY    __________________
Steve De La Torre stopped by my podcast and gave great advice on connecting with your ideal client.

Rather than going after the same general market that everyone else does, he explained the future of niche markets. You should focus on a niche market like a laser and become a leading authority.

Your ideal customer is looking to find someone just like you! Here’s how you set the table and lead them to your specialized (and higher priced!) services.

1) Become a niche authority

There is no limit to the number of niche industries that are out there. So find them!

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Social Media Minute #8: Make Your Facebook Posts More Inspiring With This Simple Strategy.

Do you want to create more value with your audience?

Wish you could take what you believe and teach it to more people at once so they can start to lose the head trash that’s really holding them back?

You can use your social media to take your inspiring lessons and teach your audience how to think in bigger ways, while getting your tribe engaging.

In this week’s Social Media Minute Anna uses a simple post to teach her audience how to think about “enjoying their workout vs. dreading it.”


You can see that Anna takes the common struggle her audience has with “enjoying” their workouts and teaches them how to flip their thinking.

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Social Media Minute #7: The 6-Steps to a Better Facebook Post

What is social media really about?

Get your message out.
Create awareness about you.
Grow your brand recognition.
Deliver value to build your authority.
Grow your list.

Problem is most people don’t use their Facebook right.

They make a post but it misses the mark on the most important part of what social media is really about- growing your list and building authority for your brand and message.

Grab your Cheat-Sheet!

Here’s a quick Social Media Minute breakdown from one of the best in the fitnesspreneur space, Chalene Johnson.



Chalene does it right and there’s an easy process you can duplicate by just following these simple steps:

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11 Fitness Industry Predictions That Can Kill Your Business or Take You To Levels You Never Imagined


Having just come off one of our most successful launches yet for our “Best Year Ever” Planner, it’s apparent that there are hungry fitness coaches who want too break free of the limitations of what the fitness industry is “supposed” to look like.

There is no more “this is how it was”; there’s only “this is what it’s becoming.”

Evidence is piling up about the coming change.

You can already see it.

The  fitness industry is  finally — albeit slowly — creating and sharing content that is accessible to fitness coaches that can teach them more about marketing and business. Over the next two to  five years, this will generate much better business owners so the growth of the industry is going to look solid.

There is software that is making fitness technology that only Ivan Drago in Rocky IV had access to completely downloadable and available to anyone. Fitness is going mobile without a shadow of a doubt.

As a matter of fact, this technological tide is the disrupter of the old established order. You have the option to either wake up now and get going, or wake up down the line and wonder “Where did all my clients go?”

Evolutionary opportunities in the fitness business are on the rise for those savvy enough and not held back by ego.There are also a few dangers and pitfalls to avoid.

So let’s get cracking.

Can you handle the truth?

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The 4 Freedoms

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__________________     SUMMARY     __________________

Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Like when a trainer only does one-on-one sessions but wonders, “How come I’m not making any real money?“

I want to scream, “Because being on the floor, trading your hours for dollars, is not a realistic path to wealth!”

Taking your services online, however, changes the game. It grants you four essential freedoms that you can’t get from sessions.

Do these things sound like what you’re needing in your life?
1) Time
Going online means you neutralize the effects of the clock. Simply set up programs that run non-stop, whether you’re awake or not.

People from around the world (that’s around the clock) can now see your programs from their smartphones or computers and purchase them. There’s no extra time commitment from you and you’re not draining yourself from all that unnecessary work.

Time freedom becomes your reality when you automate your systems.
2) Location

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