Big Box, Studio or Boot Camp, Get Paid Your True Value

My latest guest on The Fitnesspreneur’s Life Show podcast, Dennis Dumas, went from working in a big box gym to owning three businesses and helping fit pros increase their incomes.

He understands that the opportunity to create wealth in our profession is available to all us if we let go of some limiting beliefs.
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Here are Dennis’s three steps for unlocking your full earning potential.

Step One: Know Your Value

Doctors, lawyers, and electricians know they’re worth every penny, so why don’t fit pros? Too many of them undervalue what they do and lowball their fees.

Well, guess what? If you don’t value what you do, no one else will.

Before you open your mouth with a customer for the first time, you arrive with knowledge, training, and experience. That in itself is so valuable.

The services you offer are life-changing, and until you see the importance in what you do, you can’t begin to achieve your dreams.

Just make sure you have the training and bona fides to back that claim up. If you don’t (like you’ve just started out) get to learning!

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Teach Moral and Life Value. Not Just Information.

Yes, education is the key to your success.A study ethic and work ethic that fosters constant ambition. But there’s a lot of noise out there and there’s a difference in how people put out content.I believe the best teachers out there are not just sharing how-to-do-something information, that’s cheap, that’s google-able today. The best teachers out there are also teaching moral value. Not just information. You need to think about this as you decide how to market WHY you’re different than everyone else. If you’re content and teaching doesn’t differentiate you, you will die in business, or at the very least always struggle or be replaceable.

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3 Wise Suggestions to Grow Your Brand

Gifts Galore in this month’s Fitnesspreneur’s Life newsletter.

But, first Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year Wishes from me, Anna, and the FPL crew working like little elves for you to have the best 2016 and year ever!
Let’s unwrap your big present together.

I was reading Dan Kennedy’s monthly NO BS Marketing Letter this month and he had 3 Wise Suggestions for his fans that I think would make a great late Christmas present for you as well.

Here are three ways to make your marketing pull better – if you define “better” as more appropriate, valuable customers or clients that will add to the sustainability of your business. Here goes.
1. Sharpen Its Focus.
Aim your marketing at a certain person or persons while excluding others. Make its top 3 promises meaningfully specific, not vague, and meaningful to the selected prospect.

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The Best Year Ever (Planner)

The Best Year Ever! – said every yearI believe you should get used to saying that. The Best Year Ever should be a common occurrence in your life. Not an anomaly, or rare occasion. But, rather, something you can count on like the sun rising. For the last 6 years I’ve worked hard to be able to say, “this has been the best year ever’ consistently year after year. Notice I didn’t say I was lucky, blessed, or fortunate. I worked hard. That’s the discipline. It came with much personal sacrifice as all things worthy of being done do. Some of the best practices I use to create best years can be in your hands, on your screen and available for your ears. I’ve accumulated these practices from mentors, research, and keeping what works while discarding what doesn’t. They say: “success is not a mystery, it leaves clues. You just have to pick them up.” A true statement. Most people simply ignore the clues, don’t utilize them or are simply too lazy to implement. But, that’s not you. Sacrifice is a necessity to seeing the kind of success you want. I heard this once and it changed many things for me: “Do it once and it’s a mistake. Continue to do it after you’ve been educated about it, and it’s a choice.”

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The Top 10 Mistakes When Starting Online

Love this blog post from my good friend Vince Gabriel over at Million Dollar Gym, about The Top 10 Mistakes When Starting Online

The FPL Nation knows this is a mission dear to my heart, as I believe it’s a huge factor facing the future of the industry.

Vince and his crew, listed out ten mistakes but there are a few to really notice that I believe stand out in the article and I don’t want you to miss.
#2: Not Knowing Your Market
This is HUGE issue not just online but offline. You can’t build a business worth being talked about, that stands out in the market (or what I prefer to call a tribe) if you don’t know who you’re trying to talk too. Most fit pros try to talk to everyone. They say my services are for everyone. Everyone needs fitness. And that’s why their business doesn’t stand out in the market and it’s very easy for cheap competition, fancy big brands, Class passes, etc. to come in and swoop away their profits and lifestyle.

One of the biggest exercises we do with our coaches is to help them create an avatar of the person they want to serve. Everything from likes, dislikes, wants, struggles, passions, hobbies, pain, and opportunities. We give them a name, a face, and help our coaches create a visual representation so everyday they know who they are talking to and what they want to go do for their market. You got no chance of growing BIG without knowing your market.

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Climbing That Confidence Ladder

—> Interview with Jeff Hill about Confidence Ladder <—
It’s funny how life works.

Just recently I was asked to give a presentation on how to build, maintain and sustain confidence, I’ll share with you some of the highlights of that process below.

Putting together that presentation got me thinking back to the first time I ever stepped on stage.

That guy, way back in 2010, knew nothing about confidence.

I can honestly say that I remember the feelings I had like it was yesterday because it was in front of five hundred people, my very first time, no easing onto things, huh, and I had very little clue what I was doing.

I got at least one thing right, that I would recommend you do from now on when you thrust yourself into the unknown – get a coach or mentor.

When I got the call to present and take this next leap in my career, I jumped first, looked for a parachute second.

I remember hanging up the phone with Bedros, there was excitement and nerves all at once, so I did the only thing I could think of; I called my mentor to get his advice.

Alex gave me some really good instruction and I felt prepared, but the minute I took that stage most of that went out the window as I began to pace the stage like a caged lion.

Somehow I survived that day and got some good feedback. I guess people hadn’t seen many presenters yet. HA!

I remember most this one thing Alex said to me after the talk. He asked: “how did you feel?” I responded that I “thought I was confident.” And he said something that has always stuck with me, he said” “Vito, don’t just say it, BE it.”

I don’t think it dawned on me until years later the difference between saying something and BEING something. One is momentary and can come and go, but being something means it’s who you have become, who you are.

I know from that day on I wanted to BE confident, not just think I was, feel I was, or hope I was- I wanted to BE it.

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More Money, Less Work: The Trifecta of Fitness

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You can’t build a business without customers. And you can’t keep customers if you’re not getting results. Nowhere is this more obvious in our profession than in weight loss.

Customers who don’t lose weight, move on to someone who can truly help them. The problem, though, is usually how fit pros go about helping their clients. They think training is enough.

Actually training is only one-third of the program. I’ve developed a trifecta of fitness that adds two other elements to the regimen. Using all three not only helps clients keep the weight off, but it adds important revenue streams to your business that don’t add man hours or overhead to your costs.


This is the easy part. It’s what most fit pros know and do well. The issue is when they don’t do much beyond training sessions.

I personally don’t like spending hours on the floor. It’s not a good use of my time and it puts me in the vulnerable position of depending on one person. If I’m sick or my client goes on vacation, I don’t make money.

Worst of all, training alone doesn’t keep the weight off. That’s because human behavior is all about what we do when no one’s looking. A client will train hard in front of you, but then will have some unhealthy habits. You need to fix those if you want any lasting results.

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Blueprint For Achieving Wealth And Success

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To earn your dream income in the fitness industry, you’ll need to change a big part of how you think of yourself.

Everyone’s a trainer and a technician. You need to also think of yourself as the CEO of your own business.

That mentality is easy to develop when you follow these three steps.

Dream Big

We all have dreams. But few of us dream big.

You can tell that people don’t do this because so often I see trainers that are content with just being on the floor. You can’t make any real headway working like this and you certainly won’t achieve your dream income.

Dreaming big means envisioning the life you want to live. It doesn’t have to be big time diamonds and mansions (although if that’s your thing, go for it). But whatever it means to you, have an idea in your head.

Big dreams means big work from you. Those big dreams are possible. Just look at me.

Set a Target

Do you leave your house without having a destination? Of course not. So why not have a target if it’s your life we’re talking about?

Hope is not a strategy to have. To achieve your dreams, you need concrete numbers.

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That’s right, plural. It’s numbers I’m saying because we’ll be looking at different programs to get to that number.

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The Three Stages Of Fitnesspreneur


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There are three stages to the Fitnesspreneur Life and where you choose to reside within those levels will determine the how far you’ll succeed in the fitness industry. Choose your future from these three stages.

Stage One: The classic trainer technician

This is where we all start. We work with clients and do our sessions or classes. Maybe you’re really good at running sessions.

But let’s be honest, how much can you make doing this? There’s only one of you and a mere twenty-four hours in a day. Worst of all, you’ll top out at how much you can make hourly.

Do you really want to be at the mercy of your clients’ lifestyles and schedules?

If you insist on just being a trainer, make sure that you’re not wholly dependent on your physical presence. Package your sessions as mobile programs, either on an app or on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Also add nutrition training and programs.

Stage Two: Classic Studio Owner

Want to own your own business? It feels great, but stop and look at the whole picture.

Being THE boss is exhausting. It’s risky and adds a huge amount of stress to your life. Believe me.

I’ve seen lots of people go underwater and suffer greatly from crushing debt.

To do well at this, you have to love marketing and business. Word of mouth isn’t enough. You have to generate new people walking through your doors.

MLM is a great way to offset the costs. Bring aboard trusted trainers who can sell your services and you’ll create a supportive ecosystem of people who truly want to move beyond the traditional model.

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