What Separates The Very Successful from the Average Players in The Fitness Industry?

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2019

If you’re not evolving to, thinking through, moving around, over and under these realities, I’m willing to say, you might not be here in 5 years.

The financial struggle that is already straining the fitness industry has a lot of you burnt out, getting out, or suffering through their career. It ruins relationships, leads to divorce and estranged, or the very least upset kids on a consistent basis.

I believe in a fitness industry WITHOUT financial struggle.

But, the only way to do that is to educate fit pros that training on the floor is not the only way to earn a living, nor is it the only way too get people results. Opening studios and boot camps are not the only way to be a business owner or entrepreneur.

The current way trainers are educated about business and marketing is the issue. It’s slowly changing and improving, but it still needs to progress and move faster.

Your attention needs to be that where you seek and fall in love with the skills of marketing what your business does.

Change needs to happen faster and more fit pros and business owners have to get intensely passionate about learning to be an entrepreneur versus just being trainers if there is any hope to see the industry stop struggling with low pay.

At the time of this writing IDEA has reported the 2015 industry income trends, and the average income across all industry jobs is $43,000/year- unacceptable for the level of change we bring to people’s lives as what I believe is health care today.

I don’t believe everyone was meant to be a business owner or entrepreneur. Some of you reading this should be doing exactly what you are doing- being the best trainer you can be and work for someone with loyalty if owning your own business isn’t something you love.

But, I’m not your business coach then.

I’m talking to the 2% of the fitness industry that are the business owners and entrepreneur’s because I love hanging with you. You are waking up to realize that being an owner and entrepreneur is about marketing and selling your business, not being the doer of it. You have staff for that.

Until you step off the floor, or bring it down to 5-10 hours a week, you can kiss the freedom life good-bye.

Fitnesspreneurs believe in something else: The Five Freedoms.

The Five Freedoms For Fit Pros

For years now I’ve been on one mission- to help fit pros find the freedom they deserve.

But more often than not, they themselves don’t have a clear vision for what kinds of freedom the Fitnesspreneur’s Life can bring them.

I’ve identified five freedoms that are all great goals for anyone looking to change their life. You might want one of them, or even all five.

Freedom 1: Time Freedom

We start with time freedom. Why? Because most fit pros have none. They are slaves to clients showing up, the number of hours worked.

Time freedom is living away from the tyranny of a clock or schedule.

Imagine living a life where you wake up in the morning anytime you want and take your time getting your day started.

Maybe you make breakfast slowly or simply enjoy your coffee while catching up on personal development.

You get to do whatever you want to do with your hours because you’ve got time freedom.

  • That great sensation you feel on a vacation? You can have that all the time.
  • You work your projects when you want.
  • Get your workout in when you want.
  • Drop the kids off when you want.
  • Pick them up when you want.

You can clock in a few hours in the AM, spend time making breakfast for the family and strengthen your relationships with them because you don’t have to be out the door at 5am to train people.

Then you can clock in hours while they are away, spend more time with them, put them to bed, and hit another hour or two and call it a day.

Point is you design your day, on your terms.

Freedom 2: Purpose Freedom

There’s also purpose freedom which many people really don’t have.

I’m talking about the freedom to do with your life the things that give you meaning or purpose.

Rather than do the work that pays the bill and doesn’t build the opportunity for you to be doing the kind of work that ignites your passions.

I know training is a passion, a love, but to the fitnesspreneur we want more than the local impact, we are after creating legacy.

Listen, training lit me up for years and I felt I was helping others, but at some point, I felt I could do more if I thought bigger, if I could figure out how to scale my ideas, and my knowledge and expertise; this way, I could impact more people than just training people since that forced me to be a slave to the clock and where I could physically stand.

Again, this isn’t for everyone. I’ve found this kind of thinking is for the people who are in the second stages of their fitness career. People who have been there and done that with the training side and are now ready to build a legacy or visionary brand.

We all want to feel like we’re making a tangible meaningful contribution to life. That’s what purpose freedom brings. It’s that building something that will last beyond you, knowing that what you create will live beyond you.

Training doesn’t live beyond us. It’s something we did for a period of time and then it ends. Building a vision and legacy is something we can pass on to others and have them carry the torch. Nike, Apple, will live beyond their creators.

Freedom 3: People Freedom

People freedom is another great freedom that I believe we should all enjoy, but it is downright unimaginable to a lot of fit pros out there. Or they simply don’t think about it and know what I mean.

So, let’s talk about it.

Your business should allow you to craft people freedom, which is the ability to work with only the people you love serving, choose to work with and want to be surrounded by.

So many people never think about the toll and the drain of working for/or with people they don’t like.

They don’t think about the toll of working with clients they don’t love, or even the people simply in their environment as a threat against their happiness.

I say…do something about working for a crappy boss and dump the negative co-workers and clients who are not hard charging, positive and exciting people.

You deserve the freedom to work and grow with the exact kind of people who share your desire to enact positive healthy changes in the world and that always want to be striving for success.

The people around you should excite you and spur you to greater things. True success lies in finding these people and designing your life to be filled with them.

Working everyday with the coaches on Team Rockstar Fit makes my heart sing. We are not together because we have to be. None of us work for each other, we choose to work together because our businesses support each other and what happens with one business affects the others. It’s a voluntary business partnership that lets us always work with the willing.

Even my mastermind groups and high end coaching groups, like The Visionary Planner, are full of people who I don’t need to wipe butt with. Instead they willingly get up and pursue their dreams. What a difference compared to having to hope people will work hard for you.

When I had trainers, and anyone whose every owned a studio can attest to this- they can be a pain in the ass. They bring drama, excuses, poor work ethic, fear of sales, ego, and more that can honestly make working with them a constant tug-of-war.

Of course there are amazing ones, great ones, but they are far and few between. And when you are building a business in a local geography that’s the ceiling to your growth right there.

And hell…life’s too short to be working with or have to hang out with pessimists, excuse makers, and energy vampires.

Freedom 4: Location Freedom

What is location freedom? I can assure you that it’s something I certainly didn’t have when I owned my studio.

Location freedom is simply the ability to conduct your business regardless of where on the map you find yourself. 

Whether it’s a faraway location or exotic corner of the earth that relaxes you and makes you a better businessperson, go there.

Over the years I’ve been able to work from Italy, Napa, Spain, New York, Croatia, Slovenia, etc. Wherever I find myself and an Internet connection, I can work with my people, serve my clients, and give back.

That feels like a dream to so many in the fitness industry, yet it’s happening more and more because we are building more fitness coaches and brands that are online and mobile so they are living it.

The way fitness is getting done has changed and you can reach people all over the globe online now. So, if you decide that more mobility is a dream goal you can have it. I can teach you how to do it. If you’re serious about that, you can do that here.

My wife and I design our life to be able to leave every August for 4-6 weeks and go live in another country. And our business goes with us, we never miss a beat and the mission keeps on going!

That’s not for everyone; it’s just nice to have as an option, right?

Location freedom doesn’t even need to be that dramatic. Many fitnesspreneurs look at location freedom as simply the ability to be at any kid event, anywhere, anytime, and know that their business can travel with them, so even when on the move, the income is dropping in the bank.

Some look at location freedom as the ability to be with a sick parent, or present at a life emergency without fear or worry of losing income or a job.

That freedom is something I believe everyone should have.

Freedom 5: Financial Freedom

I’ve never been into lining the driveway with Maserati’s, but I do enjoy one major thing about having a great financial situation- I can live a YES Life.

A Yes Life is when you can say yes to anything you want.

  • You want to invest more in your personal development – you can say yes.
  • You want to order off a menu without looking at the price – you can say yes.
  • You want to get the house or car you want – you can say yes.
  • You want to put your kids in the best schools – you can say yes.
  • You want to invest in your business systems – you can say yes.

You getting the picture?

I didn’t have that the first 12 years of my career, and now that I do, and I can turn around and teach it to others it’s what lights my soul. It’s just the feeling of, well…freedom.

All I want for you is for you to be free to at least choose a yes life if you want it.

Most fitness professionals I speak to at events and conferences are one bad event, one emergency or life situation away from being able to make ends meet.

Most fitness professionals I come across that are making a nice living are just that… only making a living.

When they don’t work, the money isn’t there. So, they live in a perpetual cycle of up and down, feast and famine months. God forbid if 2-3 clients cancel in a month, panic!

If you don’t have financial freedom you got two things to blame:

  1. The old way of doing business in the industry.
  2. Yourself.

I don’t say that to be harsh- it’s just reality.

The industry has not been doing a great job of painting the vision of what’s possible as technology, online and mobile have changed the game of what it means to be a business owner and entrepreneur. But, that’s coming around. Keep reading and following my blogs and newsletters and you will ALWAYS be in the know.

And sadly not enough people look up, get their egos out of the way, or get over the sales thing to learn how to make money in the industry. I’ve seen trainer after trainer cry about money, but then say, “I hate sales, I don’t want to be salesy.”

Well, go broke.

Money knows when you fear it, have a scarcity mindset and it will avoid you like the plague.

Money goes to the bold, the thinkers, the doers, the creators.

So, either change your thinking about money, study it, learn how to create it, or be ok with what you got.

For those of you who want to study marketing, being a fitnesspreneur, I got your back.

It’s time we stop the panic living and get to no compromise, yes life living.

Combine Your Freedoms

We all want these freedoms in any combination that suits us personally.

The key to achieving them is to develop a system where the money is flowing to you whether or not you are physically running things in person. The system works for you. You don’t work for the system. Let it do the work while you reap the rewards.

The opportunities and markets now available to you online can completely change your life. Network marketing can completely change your life.

You’re still working the fundamentals of business success, like creating marketing plans and strategizing your business, but instead you do it on vacation while sipping wine somewhere.

You can live and work more relaxed than ever, have less stress unless it’s self imposed by your own expectations, and it’s all because you let go of that prison-like belief of trading dollars for hours.

This mindset is the difference between successful and VERY successful brands in the fitness industry.

When you have diversified your business and created a hybrid business plan that includes the online, info-product, high-end coaching world, and masterminds, you can leave that world behind where you have to work around the clock and instead let the world come to you.

You simply set up your systems, hit the autopilot and you’re good. Launching online content isn’t even that complicated, so many of the people I work with are shocked at how easy it all becomes.

Listen, it’s still work, but, in a different way. Versus just physical work on the training floor, or in the studio, you’re designing, building, teaching frameworks, making videos, and taking all the content that will make up your brand and dispersing it online, packaging it into info-products, running masterminds and more.

I’m often asked, “Why isn’t everyone doing this?”

The simple and true answer is that too many people are scared of learning a new paradigm. They grind away at the same model that chews up trainers and spits them out. They think that they can be the ones to crack the code and develop a different outcome.

But trading dollars for hours is a dangerous position to be in. A million things can go wrong and they usually do!

The key that I always come back to is scaling and leverage. Take the core of what you do, package it and offer it to the masses. No matter how you slice it, it’s the better way of doing business.

Step One: Get Inside Your Client’s Head

We all have a story. Our lives are one great big storybook and we are the main character. Understanding that and respecting the journey that people take is step one. Seeing the world from their eyes is the key to great marketing and great product design.

You have to know your clients’ needs and really the needs of anyone who comes to you, whether it’s at your studio or from halfway around the world.[/fusion_text][/two_third][fusion_text]Your potential clients are at various stages in their lives and it’s up to you to anticipate how you can help their transformation at any particular moment.

Your business wins when you have a great plan for someone who is at the various stages of whatever journey they’ve embarked on. You will always have the beginner, intermediate and advanced people in any market. You can build a significant empire by just knowing that.

Let’s take running. You need something in place for a novice, someone who is just starting out. There are always more newbie’s in the market than advanced. Remember that.

Build that into your business by creating the content, free gifts, and products that speak to just that segment of your market.

Then once you got that down, in your business you should also plan that you need something for the experienced runner who wants to seriously advance their running. The intermediate market is willing to spend more than the newbie and becomes a great sweet spot for a well-designed brand.

Lastly, you would need a third high level program that trains competitive runners, the pros, uber achievers, who want to breakthrough and are looking for hands-on guidance. At this level money is no object for these people, as this is about the story of their life. You can charge top dollar and create the dream programs of your career here.

When designing your brand, remember that a person who has never worked out will need a whole different game plan than your ultra-participant whose ready to crack into that upper 1% echelon. That’s why niche markets are the way to go.

Here’s a quick strategy; create three buckets for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and let those guide you in creating your programs. You can do this for anything.

I do this for fit pros looking to get business and high performance coaching.

The creation of these buckets is essential in creating clarity of your content, offers, and brand. In this way, you think about the niches that you’re serving and how people approach them.

Think about stories. Think about where these folks are in the journey of their lives. Now take into account the stage that they’re in and lead them to the right program for them at that exact stage in their journey.

How cool is that?

Step Two: Evergreen Launch Machines

Don’t let the complicated name fool you. That’s just the name that describes content marketing campaigns made up of stories or sequences that trigger a conversation that eventually gets into you offering your products and services to the exact market looking to buy them.[/fusion_text][/two_third][fusion_text]Whether it’s in person or, ideally, online where you can use multimedia tools to really show what you can do, these machines conjure up a conversation rooted in experience and stories of people’s lives like the ones I mentioned in the first step.

You can do this for any niche and any product and, best of all; it amplifies your voice and your brand.

When my clients come across one of my launch machines, it does it all. It answers questions they may have. It teaches them something they may not yet know. It creates a sense of true value. And it works completely on autopilot.

The beauty of evergreen launch machines, is that once they’re up, you can use them over and over again as new customers find them and more experienced users begin to buzz with anticipation at what you’ll come out with next.

This one-way of marketing and doing business in particular is much more appetizing to many trainers who shy away from being salespeople and prefer to teach. This lets you direct conversations and open your niche market to precisely where you want them to go. That’s quite some freedom, isn’t it?

Step Three: Savoring Your New Lifestyle

Whatever your definition of success is and whatever freedoms you seek, you have to approach your career with a concrete vision of what your lifestyle will be.

I’m not talking about picking out the color of the carpeting on your private jet (although maybe that can be something you think about.) I’ve found that thinking about the bigger details is what creates the lifestyle you want.

Wrap Up & Action Steps

There’s no such thing as dreaming too big and dreams are free!

So what’s stopping you from creating the world where you are tearing down limiting walls in your mind?

Find your vision and don’t worry if you can’t see the entirety of it yet.

Follow my steps above and start carving out your success from life. If you need more help in seeing a clearer vision, step into my 7-Day Clear Vision Planner right here.

The technology is easier than ever and ready for you.

The world can use your vision, your message, voice and mission.

I will always work to offer you the tools to help yourself no matter what your ability level is.

All that’s missing is you.

So dive in.

Break the mold…live what we call The Fitnesspreneur’s Life.


To live like a Fitnesspreneur, you have to think like one.

Consider aspects of your business like the number of people you want to work with or the types of people you want to bring aboard. These are incredibly important things to think about because these are the areas that customers will be interacting with. Every detail is a reflection of you.

If you approach everything with a deliberate mind to create the specific lifestyle you want, then you’ll be able to hone your message more easily and you’ll feel good about the work you’re doing.

In my case, I knew that staying in one location was a surefire way to not achieve my dreams and ambitions. I love to travel and so it became important to me to be able to work my business from anywhere in the world. In this way, I didn’t just dream about my lifestyle…I lived it.

You have to think about what your future holds and make it so.

Whether it’s a number that represents financial freedom or a desire to spread the gospel of a specific program that you feel the world needs, find your measure of success and create the conditions that bring it about.

Only you can answer what your lifestyle will look like, but I hope it entails a combination of those five freedoms.


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