Top 15 Lessons From The #1 High Performance Coach In The World

high performance Jun 11, 2019

Top 15 Lessons I learned from the one, the only, #1 High Performance Coach in the world, Brendon Burchard.  

Anna and I were with him in Cabo, Mexico for his mastermind retreat.  To say we learned a lot, is an understatement.

Brendon helps serve people with their personal development, professional development, and helping thought leaders spread their message and make their difference in the world.  

Take a few lesson from his book today in the Top 15 Lessons I Learned From The #1 High Performance Coach In The World.

#1 Never been easier to get started online than 2018.

No tech excuses exist anymore. No reasons of not knowing. The tools, the coaching are all there. You just gotta pick em up! This is the most advanced time where teenagers, kids, anyone with an idea and a mission to serve can get in the game online and go impact the world. The only thing that is needed for success is an end to excuses, a willingness to commit and learn, an ability to be imperfect, a pension to test faster, and a desire to fix things on the fly. 

#2 Test faster, test more often.

While you might be waiting to get things perfect, others are getting in the game faster. The world doesn’t care about your perfection, they care about what you can do for them, and how fast. People need help. People want help. They don’t all need it in a pretty bow, with perfect fonts, and logos. They want to know you care and can help. Get your offers out faster. Ads, marketing and social media are changing so rapidly that while you’re thinking about it, others are executing. Don’t assume, test! Market rewards speed today. You’re real growth is only going to be correlated with your testing. Period.

#3 Calendar for Profit.

We are allowing random to erode our profits. Random is not a path to profit.

Here’s a strategy:

    1. Ask for referrals every 90 days.
    1. Test a new offer or position on an existing offer every 90 days.
  1. Test a high fee coaching offer every 90 days.

That should create a 30-day rotation of marketing that will have you creating more cash cows for your business.

#4 Be more decisive. Be more ambitious.

Enough said. Make more decisions that get you in the game. And make those decisions not on just small things, but on needle moving projects, relationships, and strategies.

#5 Most followed people on social media do these 4 things.

    1. Living and documenting their day and dreams.
    1. Cheer people on in every message.
    1. Have a method, give steps, debrief what they do.
  1. Are consistent.

#6 Pricing is arbitrary.

Stop waffling over price. Figure out what you want and go ask for it. Then, justify the value in what you asked for. If you want $30,000 for a one year coaching program, ask for it. And be sure to build that fucker so it delivers on the promise that a $30,000 investment should earn. I happily pay $60,000 for Brendon’s mastermind, because I’m paying for speed, insight and relationship.

Back in November, I was in Brendon’s office and got the chance to ask him 1 question on one project. That question was about the process to create and scale a certification or license of one of our systems. In 45-minutes, he shared 5 years of experience and process that cost him $500k in lawyers, mistakes and contracts. That one conversation was worth $60,000. He justified the price I pay to get his insights by the fact that he trimmed 5 years of mistakes and costs off my learning curve. Price is arbitrary when you can justify the value.

Go ask what you want to build the freedom you want.

#7 Everyone has a $100k offer in their head.

You have learned a lot. You can coach someone to excellence, new territories, new heights. It can be to the medals at a Spartan race, it could be to the top of the boardroom, or a million dollar brand. I don’t know what is is for you, but you have a high fee coaching program in you.

Brendon challenged us to go out and in one day create a high fee coaching offer based around our highest level of what we learned. That led to my wife and I to creating Vision in the Vineyards offer. Where for one year, we coach the fast track to building an entire product suite, personal brand, and for 2.5 days we invite guests to our house on our vineyard property so we can lavish them, focus on them, pamper them to create the creative space they need to shut out the world and focus on their vision being creating in a condensed time. We charge $30,000 for that program and sold 2 in 2017. Our mission is to sell 10/year and create a revenue stream of $300,000 a year from 10 weekends of our year and 20 hours a month of our combined time. That’s the power of knowing your good, you earned your place and can command top dollar for the transformation you deliver.

You have that in you. If not, you’re going to as you keep committing to excellence in your life and devote yourself to study and mastery of your topic area.

#8 Be willing to change your offer and positioning.

Every 90 days, test your offer from a new position or stance in the market to see if you’re hitting the right psychology.

For the last few years I’ve been marketing my Clear Vision Planner course based on the fact that it teaches you the fundamentals of business success. Not very sexy. But, 100% true. We’ve been working to keep fine tuning the language to see what strikes a cord with my market.

This month, we made some changes to who we are marketing too:

    1. We decided to flip the positioning to people who are struggling to get started building their personal brand versus nail down fitness business mastery.
  1. We changed the branding to now be a course taught by my wife and I together.

The flip to “kick start your personal brand” struck a cord because it’s more of the language people are using now. And the idea of a husband and wife duo who are both successful in the industry is appealing to people who want to get both perspectives.

Those changes alone lead to a strong month of sales and a nice lead up our funnel. All because we tested and keep testing the offer until we nail it.

You are going to have to do the same with your marketing. Your role as CEO of your business is marketing. Keep testing. More sales and a larger tribe are the payoff.

#9 Commoditization is going to happen faster each year.

I’ve been telling you guys this for 2 years now that with the advent of free, the growth of technology, AI, video, streaming, and online businesses, commoditization of many services is happening at an exponential rate. You can’t afford to not ask the question, “Are you preparing for this?”

You’re going to get crushed if you’re not out there more often. You have to be present and selling in the online world. You need to have a diversity of offers at varying price points, and levels of access to you. You need to step into the market and not offer common services, instead you need to create a unique place, story and selling proposition in order to create differentiation in the market, or you will blend in and become a cog that can be replaced.

Straight up services like fitness workouts are free on YouTube, PopSugar, or low cost on sites like Daily Burn. Nutrition programs are a dime a dozen today. But, you and your unique journey and how you specifically coach people to navigate life, family, work, relationships, and find success in their healthy formula, or in achieving their goals is unique when you know how to package it and market it to a tribe so you can build a community.

#10 There’s no problem a new offer can’t fix.

Don’t have money? Make an offer.

Can’t live the lifestyle you desire? Make an offer.

Need more money to market? Make an offer.

Want to hire top quality people? Make an offer.

Our money problems stem from two things:

      1. Either you have nothing to offer or you got only one thing.
    1. You don’t market and sell enough.

That’s it. Build more offers, and market and sell more and your money problems go away.

#11 Measure your responses to doubt, stress, fatigue and failure aka The Dream Stealers.

You are made up of your responses to stimuli in your life. There are 4 dream stealers, doubt, stress, fatigue and failure. How you respond to these four things determines your level of energy, focus and execution. Don’t leave this to chance and just crash into your days. Set up a practice of measuring your responses and analyzing the factors that led to your feelings. Then set up an immediate action step you can take.

Ex: You had a sales call that didn’t go well. Ask yourself why. It’s not you as an “identity” that failed, it’s factors that led up to that result. You were tired because you went to bed late. You didn’t have energy because you didn’t hydrate. You weren’t on your sales points, because you didn’t prepare. Ok, you analyzed the factors, now create an action step like, failed call = 3 more sales calls, never quit at no, a fail = 3 more.

Look for the triggers, measure the response, set up immediate action steps and you will not fall prey to the dream stealers in your life.

#12 Consumption is dampening our desire to execute and create.

You are taking in so much information and consuming so much media junk that it’s dampening our drive to execute and create. You are taking in and consuming the creativity of marketing leaders and entertainers in the world that you’re satiated by living vicariously through them, instead of being out there doing your thing!

Up the stimulus of your own creativity and go out and execute to be your best. Set up morning routines and triggers to get your stuff done. Execution is about space and energy to be where you know it’s the right time to work versus hoping to have the perfect plan.

#13  4 Video Optin Beats.

      1. What is it.
        1. Get to the offer faster. Get to what they get faster.
      1. Why is it important to them.
      1. Why are you doing it.
        1. Why are you offering it for free, special price, give away, etc.
    1. Call to action and directive.

#14 Pivot

Anyone can pivot to any field of interest today.

Just because you’ve been in the market and known for one thing doesn’t mean you can’t go into another field of interest. I was trainer, studio owner. Now I am a network marketer, online fitnesspreneur, High Performance Coach, and Visionary Builder. You are what you study, practice, teach, and do.

Are you interested in a new place in the market? You can pivot to it.

Do you want to make money and serve in a new passion? You can pivot to it.

Do you want to be around a new community? You can pivot to it.

In the world today, we’re all going to be pivoting a lot more. If you’re still doing things exactly the way you did 5 or 10 years ago, there’s a good chance you won’t be here in the next 5. Pivot and evolve.

#15 Factors vs. Feelings.

You will have down days. Don’t be so surprised by it. There are positive and negative factors we don’t see coming or think through. Unknowns, social factors are happening at all times to us. Your job is to stop, look, listen, and question.

If you’re in a funk, don’t assume it’s an identity thing, like, “I’m so depressed, that’s just me.”

Stop and ask- “What have I been consuming?”

Could be crappy news, like Sean Hannity. No wonder you’re in a funk.

You gotta be adding up the factors in your life so you can understand the feelings you’re having. Your mission is to not become surprised by the feeling and then go into reactive mode.

Instead, look at and evaluate the pieces of your life so when you’re feeling off you can ferret out the real factors. We choose our feelings. Tony Robbins said, “There is power in evaluation and anticipation.”

Go on a factor hunt by asking, “What are the factors contributing to my feelings?”

Don’t blame self, blame factors. It was an equation of factors.

Ex: One time when my speaking was not at its best. I investigated the factors. I Didn’t prep the way I normally do and didn’t get water, sleep, etc. It’s not me as a person, it was the factors I did or didn’t set up.

The truth is that your success is determined by what you do on the days you don’t feel like it.

And your feelings don’t matter when you have to put food on the table, pay bills, and give your family the best chance at a happy life.


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