4 Easy Strategies for Instant Social Media Success


Stop scrolling…

It’s not everyday I hand out free advice. But the lack of social media knowledge in the digital space is driving me crazy.

So as usual, I’m getting raw and real on how my wife, my team, and I help our clients build 6- and 7-figure businesses by leaning heavily on social. 

Nailing a plan of action that gets your business out there — frequently mingling with the public — can feel more like a stomach bug rather than excitement-induced butterflies.  

But to keep your online business buzzing, you have to maintain a strong and consistent presence on social media. 

As a business owner you need to stop consuming social media and start producing it and using it.

So how do you get the ‘likes’ rolling in? 

To caption this: it can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

But I’ve got some good news for you, so grab a pen while you get those social apps downloading. 

As experts in the digital...

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How I Built My Business On Delayed Gratification (And Why You Should Too)


Hear me out…

I know you’re eager to arrive at your destination – the sanctuary of your thriving online business and the freedom lifestyle you always hear me preaching about. 

But if you toss the map and hop in the fast lane, you might do yourself more harm than good.

Sure, I’ve shared some secrets, shortcuts, and tricks in the past, but there’s one key ingredient that hasn’t gotten much love because, frankly, it ain’t too sexy.

Delayed gratification.

The one secret everybody ought to know about building an online business is to harness the power of delayed gratification.

I get it — not what you wanted to hear. Boring, V…

But when you transform your mindset from immediate results to “delayed gratification,” you’re making a seismic shift in your strategy that will pay huge dividends down the road. 

Delayed gratification is a hush-hush industry secret that separates the strong from the weak, the lazy...

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How to Instantly Increase Your Member Retention [Featuring Alex Armstrong, Founder of Gymotion]

vito la fata Jul 26, 2019

Sexy? No. Necessary? Absolutely. 


In the episode below of the Fitnesspreneur’s Life podcast, Alex Armstrong and I hopped on the mic to jam on proven strategies to boost member retention.


I know what you’re thinking: I want new leads, V. 


Listen, leads are important, but retention is the freakin’ lifeblood of your business.


No, it’s not sexy, new, or cutting-edge. But the ridiculously simple nuggets shared below can exponentially increase your retention. Imagine the impact that will have on your bottom line.


Do yourself a favor. Keep scrolling to stop losing members (and money) and start maximizing your member retention…


Are You Insane?


Personal trainer-turned-retention extraordinaire and founder of Gymotion, Alex Armstrong,  already has an impressive following of gym owners and fitnesspreneurs like you thanks to his simple and effective approach to retention.


Frankly, he’s...

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