Give Yourself The Gift Of Choice This Year


I want to give you a gift this year. I can’t wrap it. I can’t mail it. I can only point to it.

You will be responsible for giving this gift to yourself. I will shine the light on its importance and hope that you find this and carry it into each and every year.

This year, gift yourself and to those around you…clarity.

Clarity in self, business, thinking and your future.

Decide who you are going to be. I mean really decide who you are going to be.

This year I watched many people who professed to be committed to their missions, waffle, second guess themselves, and back down from their commitments and convictions because times got tough, or distractions and other seemingly easier paths appeared. There is one undeniable truth; how you do anything, is how you do everything.

Who you are, what you believe in, and your mission should not be so easily swayed because things are tough, They should be like a marriage, through good times and bad.

Decide who you are going to have as customers.

If you want tire kickers, and people who can’t afford you, then be ok with that. Be ok with struggling for money, be ok with returns, and be ok with people who never ascend to paying you more.

You need to decide to go after people who can afford to pay you, see what you offer as value, and want you to guide them to higher and higher levels of performance.

Decide what you have to do everyday to earn a place at the table of excellence. If you believe you can be half in and half out in your life, well then be ok with what you get. It could very well be that lack of consistency in your commitments is at the core of why you’re struggling to breakthrough. I know this is a little tough love for your stocking this year, but, if you decide to choose different, you can be a gift onto so many others around you that it’s worth being on Santa’s tough love list.

Be thankful you get to decide.

We all have to acknowledge the reality of choice and decision. It’s the great equalizer. The grand opportunity. This is the wrapping around this gift.

Been in your industry for 5 YEARS, 10 YEARS, 20 YEARS, and you’re still struggling financially?  And now online and at-home solutions threaten you?- Hey, what decision did you make for thousands of days that has left you financially struggling so that you are being threatened versus choosing to switch up your game plan? Every day you get the chance to decide and choose to shift gears.

In 2010, I chose to see the shift to online, the oncoming reality that more people would choose at-home fitness. I could see people would want more time and convenience. We were already becoming a stressed out society and the mobile phone was becoming an addiction that would drain our attention. That’s why I chose to let go of my ego, or my reality that I owned a brick and mortar facility and would need to not hold onto the 10 years prior and learn to let go and skate to where a new puck was shifting.

How long have you been idly sitting by without looking into the crystal ball of reality and forecasting that change would be necessary? What choices are you making about how you continue to earn money, where you work, how you live, how you invest, how evolutionary you are?

I chose to not listen to the critics about network marketing companies and that became an additional way to make money that sheltered me from the commoditization of the studio business that has left so many who came up with me at the same time in the industry sliding further back or stuck at the same place. Barely scraping by, barely hanging onto relationships, stressed out, wondering why things that used to work so well are no longer getting the job done.

I keep using the word choose because it is the gift. The gift I want you to unwrap. You are always free to choose. Choose better. Choose different.

I chose to not live under the onslaught of low margins or having to live in one location because I had started in brick in mortar. That fact didn’t mean I had to stay there. I chose to move to Santa Monica for 2 years because I could. How? Because for years prior I had studied new things, asked different questions so that now my work and my money could move with me. I chose to move to Venice and Sherman Oaks for 2 years, before finally settling in Temecula, wine country, because I could bounce around and test the waters of where I wanted to finally settle down, only because I got evolutionary in my thinking.

I share this because you must gift yourself the challenge to question where you live, how you chose to live, where and how you make money.

Can’t make more money?

The excuse of…don’t know how to do the ‘online thing’ still on your lips- hey, what courses did you take, books did you read, coaching programs did you invest in, masterminds did you seek out?

If your business is struggling “because of Amazon, online, cheaper solutions” you name it, just insert the reason after because- hey what did you do to create more value, differentiation or create customers that are completely married to you that no force could tear you asunder?

What did you do at night- bemoan selling, avoid the study of marketing, and business?

Instead choosing to do what everyone else was doing. Well, no wonder then that your results are what they are in life.

I am neither flippant, insensitive or mean. I simply know how real decisions or lack thereof can entrap, depress, resign, and create situations that feel hopeless, and at times even paralytic- although these situations don’t have to be. That’s the gift, you can unwrap. You can chose for this to not be.

I am not ignorant to the fact that everything I shared above is easier said than done. But, if you can’t yet see, then fumble along. Scratch and claw if you must. Stay true to your commitments and beliefs, in a world where so many don’t. It makes you different. Strong.

I think more industry conferences should have sessions in Choice and Decision.

And since you are reading this, congratulations are in order. You get a gold star in that class. You get it. You are here deciding right now to take this seriously and invest in your ability to choose more for yourself, to evolve, to study, to practice, to get uncomfortable, to sell, to market, to change, to be disciplined and consistent, and to develop your mind.

Odds are at some point, you’ve clawed, scratched and dug deep. I know that about you, even if we are the only acknowledges. Never forget that your customers and who you choose to do business with have as well. And even though most of you who have begun or are at the top of your mountain don’t expect it, it’s nice to know it, and know that others, such as myself respect it.


Give yourself the gift of choice by doing this before you do anything in building your personal brand at




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By Vito LaFata

As a certified High Performance and Funnel Optimization Coach, Vito La Fata, is the NO BS business & personal brand coach to the wellness and fitness professional or company that is looking to get outside the box of the industry and start learning how to grow a personal brand online and offline utilizing a hybrid business model of offline and online marketing strategies that deploy customer value optimization systems in order to create as much benefit and offering for the customer and as much profit and lifestyle for the company as possible.


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