Unclear Vision puts man $105,000 in debt and loses his house

So here’s a disturbing story about having an unclear Vision and not knowing the options that serves as a valuable lesson for business growers and visionaries like us:

While back, a man who had reached the limits of the hours he could work in his service based job (he was a personal trainer back then) was looking for the next steps in his career so that he could break free from the ole’ trading dollars for hours income trap.

He was working 50-60 sessions a week, making good money…

If he took a day off he lost money

If he was sick he lost money

If he vacationed he lost money

If clients were sick, vacation or took off he lost money!

Luckily he didn’t have kids or a wife or he would never see them.

Can you imagine that?

He was busy, feeling successful, but basically worked himself into a money trap and no ability to live life.

He tried to add some additional ways to make money…

…but the malevolent corporate head honchos decided that was “conflict of interest” and gave him an ultimatum- “you stop making money you need on the outside or we fire you and take your livelihood away.”

He didn’t agree with their take since he was doing all his training at the corporate location and felt that since the company didn’t do nutrition coaching or metabolic testing, how could he be in conflict of interest?

He was fired.

At that moment he decided to become a business owner versus ever work for someone again. No one was ever going to take his income away again.

Looking around and being new to business ownership, he didn’t know how to create a business plan, or a lifestyle plan.

No one ever sat him down and taught him how to get clear on your Vision before making decisions that require things like refinancing your house (bad idea, by the way).

All around him when he surveyed the people who had come before, everyone was telling him, “open brick and mortar” that’s the next logical step.

The problem was he never asked, nor did he stop long enough to see, where these people happy? Living the life they wanted? Did they enjoy their schedule and work hours? Were they making money? And the list goes on.

He just jumped in and did what everyone told him without being clear on the lifestyle plan he wanted.

He was after all a travel lover, wasn’t living where he wanted to be forever, important questions to consider before you open a business like brick and mortar.

So, he refinances his house, takes out the loan and opens brick and mortar business.

Without a business background, or clarity of how to market and sell, his business turned into a the cement shoes dragging him to the bottom of the sea.

He was now working more hours, making less money, because he had to hire people, had overhead and all the things that no one taught him about when he made a decision that would affect the rest of his life and future.

Flash forward 4 years, the lack of a clear vision catches up to him and his business partner because after 4 years of blood, sweat and tears, fights, and bickering…

…they decide to break up the business and not only does 35% of the business go with her, but he goes $105,000 in debt to buy her out, and then 2008 happens…

Yes, the housing crisis hits at the same time!

Now, if you remember he had refinanced his house to open the gym and now he can’t keep up with the payments as everything is crumbling in the market…so he loses his house.

He’s 6-figures in debt, lost his house, has to rebuild his business. All because he wasn’t clear on what he wanted for his future before he made the decision to open a brick and mortar.

Now, luckily, this story has a happy ending.

Because in case you didn’t know I AM THAT GUY.

Many years ago, I didn’t know how to stop and get clarity on my choices, and plans BEFORE I make major life and business decisions.

Things like getting clear on my business options, money making options, hours and lifestyle I want, my priorities, roles in life that are important to me, and the list goes on.

If someone had given me a Clear Vision Planner back in 2004/05 I would’ve never opened a brick and mortar business because it I would’ve known ahead of time that it doesn’t provide the income goals I desired, it doesn’t provide the freedom of time and location I want (you are chained to the business), it requires a lot of overhead and staff…

…I prefer a smaller business that can be run with just me, from anywhere in the world, set my own hours, work my own schedule…make as much money as I want with a lot less work so I could be present with my family more.

I just didn’t know there were options like owning an online business versus brick and mortar.

I’ll tell you more about that next time.

No sense in looking back, only thing I can do is provide the cautionary tale to you, that before you take the route “everyone is telling you” or that “everyone did before you” – there are others options.

Getting a clear Vision before you make those investments could very well save your life.

It’s one of the reasons teaching people how to develop a clear vision has become a mission and why we built the Clear Vision Planner I wish I had back then.

I have 3 women in it right now, that all fell into the same trap I did of brick and mortar. They are eternally grateful that we are having these kind of discussions inside our coaching group, so they can create an exit strategy that doesn’t involve losing their house and 6-figures of debt.

If you are in need of a Clear Vision Planner and help making clear decisions going forward or an exit strategy, you can get it here for $97.

$97 that could possible save your future Here.



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