5 Secret (Rarely Talked About) Ingredients to Online Business Success: Traits That Will Make You Dominate While Others Spin Their Wheels

You — like the the majority of people — have a BIG dream, wish, vision and goal…

…I know this about you.

Your aspirations revolve around more than showing up and punching the clock.

You are meant for more than the 9-5 grind… (is it still 9 to 5, or 8 to 6 now? Or 8 to You keep your ass here until we say you go because good luck finding another job out there and since you’re on salary, we feel we own you.)  

Maybe you’re looking to stop the trading-dollars-for-hours living where you make decent, even good money, but you have no time to enjoy anything because if you don’t work, no mullah is coming in. 

Life is too damn short to keep buying into the old way of things.

Instead, you want to be living a life filled with time to live! You want (and yes, deserve) a lifestyle of your choosing.

What holds most people back from getting that is that they have no money-freedom. They only earn an income when they show up and work in person.

What they lack is a business that earned them recurring revenue. The ideal being a passive income-generating online business, where you did the work once and can keep running it with minimal effort and watch the money continue to come in whether you clock in or not.

You want a life that looks like this:

  • Earning six figures a year from passive income… instead of being limited by your employer’s budget, the small margins of brick and mortar (before Amazon overtakes all things), or being stuck as a slave to the client grind.
  • Having the freedom to travel around the world… without dipping into your precious 2 weeks of paid time off. Or, better yet, how about you decide how much time off you want — and when you want it — without one’s permission needed.
  • Enjoying the ability to work from home… living anywhere in the world and having work move as you do, so no matter where you find yourself in life, you can still serve your tribe, share your message and earn money without being stuck in meetings and cubicles or working hour to hour to log time.

Yes, this sounds super sexy and liberating, and it is. 

The people who taste this freedom lifestyle and freedom business have never said, “I wish it was the way it was.” They love this new way of building a business and sharing their knowledge and expertise. I mean, online changed everything. You can NOW choose how much work you want to do live versus how much online, virtual, remote, abroad, exclusive and everything in between.

I love working from my vineyard, doing virtual coaching calls, running masterminds and hosting retreats, versus having to train on the floor 12-14 hours a day, or having to open and close my brick and mortar studio when I had one.

But, you can’t get too wrapped up in the dream without knowing there’s work involved. It’s just work that is less physical in time and more a challenge on your brain, and way of doing things.

It takes a developed skill set to be able to break free from the job mentality, the security of paycheck living, and the fear of lost health care.

So, the question isn’t should you do it. 

Yes, you should create some form of online business, even if it’s just to support your offline and vice versa. 

But, the real question is…

Do you really have what it takes to build an online business that allows for your dream lifestyle, or is it a fantasy you’ll still be daydreaming of decades from now … long after your time- and money-freedom are gone?

You’ve probably been spinning your wheels Googling things like, “how to earn money online, tips for generating passive income, and best practices for building an online business.” 

Heck, maybe that’s how you stumbled across this free high-performance training and my online business visionary courses. 

The truth is Google will only get you so far. Even with all the answers, resources and coaching in the world, you need more. In fact, there are 5 traits that will help propel you into the 1% of people living the dream lifestyle and ensure you don’t have to fear going broke in the process.

Remember, you’re instantly stripped of your time- and money-freedom the second you sign on another 9-5 (Ugh … Drives me nuts just thinking about it!), so we gotta get you making serious money online fast. That means there’s no time to beat around the bush and not tell you straight up if you stand any chance of being successful building and making any money online…

…Keep scrolling as I pull back the curtain on the 5 Secret High Performance Ingredients to Success. 

The 5 Secret High Performance Ingredients to Success

In the high-performance video clip below, I reveal the 5 secret ingredients that help aspiring online entrepreneurs like you build online empires. You can also keep scrolling to read about these confidential characteristics of high performers below. These are not the straight-up tactical methods most people want (I got those here) these are the REAL ones that stand in most people’s way.

I’ve taught hundreds of people methods and tactics … and only the best are standing out as true visionaries. Why? Because of the following 5 things that happen between your ears and in your hearts, rather than on your screen. 

If you’re more on the go, Tune in here:

If you’re more on the go, Tune in here:

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Secret Ingredient 1: It’s Your Identity.

Take a second to think about your current identities in life … 

Identities are how you choose to associate yourself with others. 

What are they?

Mom? Dad? Husband? Wife? Coach? Friend? Therapist? Trainer? Democrat?

Have the roles you dream of now popped up in the same category as these other roles?

Something like: Entrepreneur? Business owner? Renegade? Visionary?

If not, that’s your first problem — you have a lack of identity crisis. You might have a vision of where you want to be, but that vision is not a part of your present or future identity right here, right now. Thus, you’ll never get there. 

Only when you fully see yourself BEING the person who has done this, will you be able to move towards it.

Many people want to be entrepreneurs, but don’t fully have that picture in mind to the point that it engrains itself in their molecules. If you can’t see yourself as a successful entrepreneur who built an online business that replaced a job or brick-and-mortar facility, it simply isn’t going to happen because you don’t believe in your heart of hearts that you got it in you. So, you fail. 

While that might sound over simplified, I pride myself on giving you the truth … no BS:

I used to be a struggling personal trainer, but I envisioned success and got to the point where I had the means, ambition and courage to start my own business. As I prepared to take a leap of faith and ditch the steady paycheck to open a studio, I had to move into that business owner identity. I needed to see myself as a business owner, not just a trainer anymore. 

And later, as I traded brick-and-mortar for online entrepreneurship (that word comes with far more responsibilities), I had to take on the identity I dreamed of; an online entrepreneur leading a business empire by my own design. And, well, I’m living that identity. I wouldn’t be here owning a vineyard if I never switched out the identity of personal trainer, for the identity of entrepreneur. Make sense? 

You can try and fake your way until you make it. Or, you can BELIEVE in you and BECOME it. 

Had I never truly believed in those identities, I’d still be a personal trainer with big dreams that I’d never execute on. I call that being stuck … and I’m getting hit up by way too many people who are stuck and sinking. 

You see, when things get uncomfortable, inconvenient, and — dare I say — impossible, your identity will push you beyond your limits. Those moments of challenge will come as you try and grow. From experience, I’ve found only the people who see the thing they are moving towards as a new identity they wish to put on like new skin, are the ones that make it. 

Show me an example of where this isn’t true?

You all know about the people who talk a good game, pretend to be what they’re not, and are right where they always have been- talking a good game with no results to show for it. 

So, if you want to be successful as an online entrepreneur, it needs to be just as important as the roles that first came to mind when we discussed identities. When you ask me my identities, I say: Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Visionary and Online Expert. And they are all equally important to me. They are all WHO I am. 

WHO are you going to BE? 

Make sure your identities match your vision. 


Secret Ingredient 2: You’re Obsessed.

I’m sick of average. And you need to be too. 

If people are looking at you different, that’s a good thing. 

Take a look across the board at all the people who talk about their dreams and goals and who are still nowhere near them…do you see the common thread of failure amongst them? 

They lack the obsession to keep at their pursuits.

They lack the obsession to master their topic.

They lack the obsession to fend off the haters and naysayers.

They lack the obsession to create, test, fail, improve, try, struggle and persevere, until they nail it!

Here’s the mindset flip that will get you across the finish line of building a successful online freedom business…

If you’re obsessed with your vision, you’re going to possess the skills and fortitude to get it done. If not, it’s just something good to have, versus a must have. 

You need to make your dreams, your expertise, and your future an obsession! 

Because here’s the day to day reality…

When you are obsessed about your vision, you’re not hitting the bars on Friday nights and brunch on Sunday mornings. You’re not having coffee shop conversations every chance you get. And you have no interest in scrolling through your phone for hours on end. 

That crap is the norm. And it works for normal people. But the obsessed are the ones who succeed and execute on their visions. 

You need to truly obsess over your vision — whether it be through books, courses, events or straight up hard work, and hanging around the coaches who can get you there. I’m still always amazed at how often I’ve offered to coach people over the years, and when I see them year after year, they are still in the same place because they simply never said, “can you coach me?”

A side tip worth $500,000+ is get a mentor and save time in the pursuit of your obsession.

I’ve always invested in the guy ahead of me. 

Yeah, it’s no wonder my bookshelves are brimming with business books, courses and the genius of the minds who came before me. My obsession with that is why my schedule is filled with Vision in the Vineyard retreats, and I’m constantly rolling out new courses and resources to help people like you build elite online businesses.

Being obsessed is part of the game. 

If you’re truly here to crush it, get obsessed. Geek out. Nerd out. Talk about it. Text about it. Tweet about it. You get the idea. 

When it comes to living the dream lifestyle of an online entrepreneur, obsession can not be overstated. 


Secret Ingredient 3: It’s Your Duty/Obligation.

High performers feel it’s their duty to live out their vision. 

For me, it’s my duty to my wife, kid, clients, and tribe to be the best visionary business coach on the freakin’ planet. 

Just like our service men and women will die for our country, I’ll die for my coaching. 

I don’t know if you can feel my passion through the written word, but it’s the freakin’ truth. And if you don’t believe me, just watch the video on this blog (you’ll see me sweating with passion :)).   

I have a duty to break the norm and help people stop living the 9-5 lifestyle. I have a duty to teach people the freedom lifestyle. 

I know if I can successfully transition people out of their full-time jobs, trading dollars for hours, or brick and mortar and into the online environment, I will make the world a better place. 

By helping people get online and reimagine what their personal business can look like, I can ensure parents have more time with their children, couples have stronger relationships and people like you live the happy, healthy life you’ve handpicked.

It’s my duty to create more at-homepreneurs who can be home to be present with their kids so we can do something about gun violence, mental disorders, alienation, bullying and all the threats to our next generation. That’s how serious I take this.

What do you believe in at that depth? What do you stand for in this world that you’re willing to tattoo it on your skin and go to your death bed with it as your epitaph?

When you got that, trust me, there will be 100% certainty that you achieve your dream life and goals. No questions asked. No doubt. 

In the age of the online entrepreneur, your vision needs to feel like do or freakin’ die. 


Secret Ingredient 4: You Have a Sense of Urgency.

I’ll do it tomorrow NOW. 

Can your dreams wait until tomorrow? 

If so, then revisit secret ingredient #3 above. 

Otherwise, in a world where speed of execution wins, and the person who’s getting after it with fire, passion and a sense of urgency is going to win every time, you do not have the luxury of lack of urgency.

Success always leaves clues. Pick them up. There is no story of the person on top of a meaningful life who did it by sitting back and waiting for it to happen to them. No. They got up and got it. Grabbed it with their own two hands. 

There’s an amazing song from Ben Harper, “With My Own Two Hands” you should download.

But, I digress..

Quick, massive action mixed with urgency is the cocktail of success. And quick, massive action is the only way to get drunk with success.

Life moves fast, people. You and I know it. 

If you don’t turn up the heat on your urgency, you’re just going to be old and wishing you could go back. A life lived in the rearviewmirror is no life anyone wants to end up with. 

I used being 6 figures in debt as the punch in the face, the kick in the gut. That’s when things got urgent for me. In order to turn that around, I had to say no to friends, I had to tune out the TV, I had to work late and hop out of bed hours before the rest of the world for more than 4 years to get where I am today. 

But, I could have kept putting it off. 4 years could have turned into 40 years right before my eyes. And that’s what happens for far too many of us. 

If you keep pushing it off, you’ll do what you’ve always done. And end up with more of what you got right now. 

Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value. And you can never get the momentum you need to crush being successful online or otherwise. 

Get going on your vision … right now. 


Secret Ingredient 5: You’re Driven By Feelings.

There’s gotta be feelings you desperately want … and feelings you will do anything to get rid of. 

I couldn’t stand the feeling of being in debt. I knew I wanted the feeling of walking into a restaurant, popping open the menu, and ordering any bottle of wine without even glancing at the price. 

At the same time, I despised being on a schedule set by someone else. I wanted the feeling of knowing I could travel the world at a moment’s notice … not jump through hoops to get a day or two off. 

I knew I didn’t want to ever feel the lack of control of working for someone else. Twice in my life I’d been fired for principles I refused to yield on and having my hard work taken from me by people I couldn’t influence burned a different approach to life in me.

I decided at that moment that no matter what, one day in my life I would figure out how to own my own businesses and never have someone be able to take my financial future away.

And as I got more in tune to those feelings, I realized those things all came back to wanting the feeling of control. The desire for a feeling of control has been a crucial component of my success. 

It’s why I got fired from my first retail gig and a full-time fitness gig. Yes, I was let go because I wouldn’t compromise on my feelings! And I’m glad I didn’t. I wouldn’t be where I am now without those feelings guiding me.

Nowadays, not only do I order any bottle of wine I want, I’m growing my own grapes :). As for my schedule, I set it. And man, do I love having control of my life. 

I’m living in the free world and you can too. 


The 5 Ingredients to Success Create Necessity.

When you blend those 5 ingredients together, you get the powerful force of nature behind you that we in the high-performance world call necessity.

Without it, you accept the norm and you accept average … no matter how close you are to success. 

Necessity turns I WANT into I WILL. 

WILL you achieve the life of your dreams, or do you just WANT to achieve the life of your dreams?

If you WILL, you have necessity and I can help you build an online business empire that fuels the life of your dreams. 

If you WANT, I’m not the guy for you … the freedom lifestyle isn’t for everyone, otherwise more people would have it. 


The Blueprint for Generating Real Revenue Online

The life of your dreams requires the business of your dreams, and online is the way to go. Assuming you have the 5 secret ingredients to success — Identity, Obsession, Obligation, Urgency, & Feelings — you will have the necessity required to develop a successful online business generating passive income for decades to come. THAT will earn you the freedom lifestyle we’re always talking about.

So, let’s start building your business to support your dreams and get you out of the 9-5 grind. Tap into that urgency inside of you right now and visit www.vitolafata.com to learn the blueprint for building an online business that fulfills your desire for time- and money-freedom. 


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