The Money You’re Missing Because You Can’t See This

The power of a set of well-qualified fresh eyes.

The other weekend, a successful bookkeeper for fitness and wellness professionals, was out at my Vision In the Vineyards, personal brand building 2.5 day intensive, when I spotted two talents she had that were hidden in plain sight.

Shannon has skills in helping wellness professionals create profit in their business by setting up the accounting, bookkeeping and bank finance systems using the Profit First methodology. But what wasn’t as clear unless you have well qualified eyes, which I do, is that two more needed skills (that could be for sale) were inside Shannon, and they just needed pulling out.

These “hidden” courses were the money Shannon is missing in her business and life only because she didn’t see them yet, didn’t know where they fit in her brand, and how they were going to be the stepping stones to create the impact she knows she can deliver like clockwork.

When Shannon builds these two additional offers, it will amount to 6-figures of additional revenue that she can bank on for the rest of her life. They were simple, in plain sight, they solve a problem and are common problems in business and life that for the foreseeable future there is a demand.

This is key in your ability to create products and offers that sell. There must be a demand, a want. You must solve a problem in the market. And you must offer to help people achieve a dream or aspiration.

At V&V, I heard and saw how Shannon was helping her clients:

A) Price their services for profit.

Which is a huge mistake most small businesses make. They were never taught how to price for profit. They practice an outdated and ill-fated method of just asking “what do I want to make an hour?” I know because back in my early years as a trainer and fitness studio owner, I made those mistakes, and I wished someone would’ve taught me how to price for profit sooner.

B) How to Build Family Finances For Profit.

I had no idea of how many ways a family can create a spending plan, versus a budget, so they can achieve the vision and goals they have. Shannon showed me how using a simple system any family can plan not just for their expenses, but how to get their every need, want and desire achieved. This is going to be gold for families. It’s not being taught at school, by parents (since most people are living paycheck to paycheck), and because it debunks the myth that you need to be making millions to achieve your financial goals, live in comfort, and have peace of mind and security in the bank. That’s something everyone wants.

It took a “coach” to see the opportunity that Shannon herself was blind to. Until I intervened, Shannon was pursuing the most common of business practices: striving to do what everybody else in her field does, but incrementally better. Based on considerable, successful experience as a personal brand coach and course developer (someone once called me a brand consigliere, as much as I love the Godfather reference, most people don’t know what a consigliere is), so I prefer The Personal Brand Whisper 🙂

It’s that set of well qualified eyes that can make the difference in knowing the next big thing that can set you up for not incremental success, but quantum leaps of success. I have a set of well qualified eyes on my business, that’s what Brendon Burchard and my various masterminds are for. Do you have a set of well qualified eyes on you? Your business?

This is what goes on at my Vision In the Vineyards experience and in my Visionary Planner VIP coaching program: qualified fresh eyes often see what you are blind to. In properly organized and led coaching environments, new profit centers that catapult you out from industry norms and ordinary income are frequent occurrences.

The logical question is: what are you blind to?

Escape the ordinary,


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By Vito LaFata

As a certified High Performance and Funnel Optimization Coach, Vito La Fata, is the NO BS business & personal brand coach to the wellness and fitness professional or company that is looking to get outside the box of the industry and start learning how to grow a personal brand online and offline utilizing a hybrid business model of offline and online marketing strategies that deploy customer value optimization systems in order to create as much benefit and offering for the customer and as much profit and lifestyle for the company as possible.

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